Summary: Jesus loves us even when we reject his love for us.

Portraits of Jesus

Matthew 23

I. The Jilted Lover

A. See His Love (Matt. 23:37)

i. Jeremiah 31:3

ii. Hosea 11:1, 3-4

iii. John 3:16

B. He died for the Pharisee, too

C. Feel His Rejection

i. John 1:10-11

ii. Hosea 11:2

Lesson: We can be religious, and still reject Jesus.

We can be moral, and still reject Jesus.

We can be law-abiding, and still reject Jesus.

II. The Skillful Surgeon

A. The Purpose of the Surgeon

i. To diagnose the source of the problem

ii. To remove the diseased or offending organ

iii. To heal and make whole

B. Jesus’ skill as a surgeon is unequaled

i. He knows us completely (Heb. 4:12-13a)

ii. He binds up our wounds (Hosea 6:1)

The surgeon’s scalpel brings pain. It injures and it leaves a scar. But healing and wholeness cannot occur without it.

C. Watch Him at work

i. His accuracy

ii. His skill

iii. His purpose

Lesson: There is no disease he cannot heal; no sin he cannot forgive; no heart he cannot transform.

Jesus is a skillful surgeon even today. When he looks in your heart and mine he sees what’s needed to make you whole. He can accurately diagnose the problem, and he can skillfully remove the disease. It may hurt, it may bring pain and tears for a short time. But it is worth it.

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