Summary: This sermon takes a closer look at Jesus and hopefully a new perspective on who He was.

Jesus, the Portrait of God!

Museum of Art

University of Missouri

Portrait art work

Tells you something about the person

Military, etc…

So how do you know God?

You look at His portrait

Jesus is the portrait of God’s love and grace!

John 3:16

Ahh, love!

Love- strong, passionate affection for someone

Always an action in Scripture

1 Co. 13:1-8a

Men, how do you love, in action, your wives?

Acts of service, not just flowers

This love is found everywhere in Scripture

1 Jn. 4:7-10

Mary and Joseph hugged and loved their new son

Did they realize they were holding God’s love?

Jesus is the Portrait of God’s Love!

Mary and Joseph wrapped Jesus in swaddling clothes- Lk. 2:7

They wrapped up God’s grace

What is God’s grace?

Unmerited favor toward men

This means we didn’t deserve what He gave us

It’s like a car accident

We are a wreck waiting to happen

None of us are as good as we think we are

Romans 5:8

God still reached out to us in our sin

Eph. 2:1-8 (7, 8)

Christ is a gift, you can’t earn Him

Mary and Joseph held God’s grace in their hands!

Jesus is the Portrait of God’s Grace!

Walk through the art gallery of Bethlehem

Look in the stable

Watch the boy grow

Watch His actions and His life

Jesus is the Portrait of God!

Mt. 1:23

The portrait of God’s grace and love!

All that God is was wrapped in those clothes

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