Summary: The sermon is about celebrating God, celebrating Passover, and taking risks.

Jesus took the risk Matthew 21:1-11

1. Jesus came to Jerusalem to celebrate The Passover it was a day just to celebrate God.

• a celebration that had been taking place for over 1400 years. It was a celebration of thankfulness to God for bringing them out of Egyptian captivity.

• People praised The Lord for a miraculous deliverance

• People probably made comments "God breathed on the mighty Red Sea it's mighty waters was no competition for gods breath" and toddlers had super heroes were like Moses who said, come see the salvation of The Lord.

• People were probably saying "if hadn't been for The Lord" the blind would not see, the lame would not have walked , the dumb would not have heard, the dead would not have been brought back to life.

2. The situation in Jerusalem People were under oppression and expecting.

• People were once again under a oppression sort of like the Egyptians

A. They were under much control of Roman influence

B. They were awaiting a Deliverer

C. They were looking for a Moses, or a David

D. People were offering praises because their Deliverer was here they hoped

3. People offer Jesus praise as he enters the city of Jerusalem.

A. They cry out hosanna, hosannas in the highest

4. Some people like things just the way they are and are unwilling to take Risks:

• In his book, The Freedom Revolution and the Churches, Robert Spike recalls an incident from the early years of the turbulent civil rights movement. Flying out of Jackson, Mississippi, Spike overhears the conversation of a Catholic sister, sitting across the aisle from him, with her seat companion. The sister is lamenting all the unrest in Mississippi, and she complains about the “outside agitators,” the students and church leaders who have come to her state in support of civil rights, certain that their presence is provoking violence on the part of white racists. “I do not question their dedication, nor even the rightness of their position,” said the sister. “But surely it is a bad thing to create turmoil by stirring up people who feel differently.” As the sister talks, all the while she is nervously fingering a cross hanging around her neck. The sister holds most dear the cross that she is holding.

• Consider if Jesus, would never have taken the risk of going to Jerusalem.

• If Jesus would have never took the risk of proclaiming a new way of living,

• If Jesus would never have confronted those who desired no change there would be no hope of salvation

• Suppose Jesus would have not took the risk and never endured the cross, all peoples would be lost

5. Consider the Risks Jesus took, He took the risk of being the Passover Lamb

• Jesus did not want to be the crucified Lamb but he knew there was no other lamb that could take away the sins of the world. John claims behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world

• Jesus did not want to be ridiculed and rejected but he wanted you to be accepted by God because of what he did.

• Jesus did not enjoy nor did he desire crucifixion but he took the risk so we could have the reward of hope reward of eternity, reward of heaven

6. People need to believe the following about Jesus

• Let us take the risk and believe that God is continually at work in our lives and in our world To heal strife and discord.

• Let us take the risk and believe He is at work To comfort the lonely and grieving.

• Let us take the risk and believe he came to Jerusalem To encourage the disheartened and To offer hope to those who are in despair.

• Let us take the risk and believe I believe that Jesus who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey: Enters our hearts today Invites us to take risk and share his life.

• Jesus took the risk for me I am taking a risk and proclaim his identity in my life

• Let us take the risk of taking up the cross?

• Let us take the risk and share God's life faithfully and live as Christ's disciples. Amen.

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