Summary: Jesus going away did not mean the end of the mission to which his followers were called

John 14:8-17 Clip from Mission Impossible 2 at beginning where he accepts the mission.

Remember Jesus spending his last night with disciples before the crucifixion: already told them he’s going away, after three years the time is coming when he won’t be with them anymore. Understandably upset by that, if Jesus is leaving where does that leave them? Don’t let hearts be troubled, trust me. First need to keep sight of the fact that this world is not what your life is about, (it’s not about now) focus on the eternal, that’s what this is ultimately all about. Thomas says, How do we get there? This is the plan for rescuing of mankind from the power of sin. The way, the truth and the life.

A. So he’s going away, but it’s not the end of the plan, not the end of the mission. Look at the progression here: V. 10—the Father is at work, God is accomplishing his plan. Also see that Jesus is at work, he is intimately involved in the plan of God. He too is at work enabling men and women to come into relationship with him. And what about the disciples? They’re going to be involved in the same work that the father and son have been doing (v. 12).

a. Look at 2 Corinthians 5:16-21. God is at work, Jesus is at work, we are to be at work.

b. Look at what he says: The work you do is going to be an even greater work. Not greater in the sense of more powerful or more dramatic. Word means greater in effect, more expansive in the influence of your work. Going to rescue many more people than you’ve seen rescued up to this point. “He was a Flop at 33.”

B. Had to be deer in the headlights time for these guys—how is that possible? When we came to start a church, overwhelmed by how huge this task was and how small I am. How could we do it? Jesus tells them you don’t have to do this under your own power.

a. Sending someone to take his place. V.12, 16. A counselor, a paraclete. One who comes alongside to help. Susan moving this week. You have a chance to be a paraclete.

i. Another paraclete, Jesus was the first. Came alongside us in our time of need. 1 John 2:1, he is an advocate with the Father, stands for us, on our behalf. When he leaves, he says he’ll send someone else to be there, the Holy Spirit—you won’t be alone in this.

ii. The Spirit of truth—help you understand the world, the creation.

iii. The world won’t know him.

iv. But he will live inside you.

b. Jesus will still be involved in this task as well. He will just be a prayer away—v. 14. Now if you lift this out of the context, this would be a pretty cool promise, the Alladin Lamp of the bible. (Story of young man in college, mother of friend who was praying he would marry her daughter. “Thank you for not answering that prayer!) Can’t mean anything, so what does he mean. The qualifier is in his name. Anything you need to get the job done, just ask, and you’ve got it. (Novels with heroes getting letters from president to get whatever aid they need to fulfill their task.)

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