Summary: A drama for children: Jesus Wears His Crown.

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Jesus Wears His Crown

Text: Matthew 27: 27-31

Introduction: The drama is especially suitable for the season of Easter.

Theme: Salvation through Jesus


1. To teach that Jesus is our saviour

2. To teach that the Saviour wears a crown of thorns.


1 Various hats (three or four) i.e. a soldier, police, fire fighter, builder, a party hat, a chef’s hat, a king’s crown or any other hat that would be recognised by the children belonging to a profession.

2 A large bag to put in the hats.

3 And of course, a crown of thorns and that goes first into the bag and comes out last.

Drama Points:

1. Allow the children to come forward and to be seated before you make a dramatic entrance.

2. Wear one of the hats as you enter. For example wear a fire fighter’s hat and play the role of a fire fighter saying, “Where’s the fire, where’s the fire, I can’t even see any smoke.” Just ham it up a bit and have fun with your audience. Don’t forget to carry in the bag full of hats.

3. Ask the children, “Who am I?” Expect to get the answer, a fire fighter.

4. Sitting down with the children proceed to pull out from the bag another hat. Put it on your head and ask them, “Who am I?”

5. Repeat procedure with the other hats, but leave the crown of thorns to last of all. The children will soon learn that the various hats inform us of the duty and responsibilities of the person wearing the hat.

6. Pull out the last hat, the crown of thorns. Emphasise that it is a very special hat. Break the routine and don’t put it on your head. Say to the children, “I won’t wear this crown of thorns, not because it’s very spiky, but because it belongs to Jesus. He is the only one who can wear this crown of thorns. Jesus is our saviour, he is the one who has prepared a place for us in heaven, only our saviour wears the crown of thorns.”

7. Conclude with prayer, “Dear Jesus, thank you for saving us and giving us a place in heaven. Thank you for wearing the crown of thorns so that we will always know that you are our saviour. Amen.”

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