Summary: A classic sermon by Adrian Rogers about what only Jesus can do for us and for the world.

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What keeps the whole thing from flying apart? I can answer it. His name is Jesus. Friend, He is the glue of the galaxies. He’s the One who holds it all together. Now, listen. It was all made by Him; it is all controlled. He is the Creator. He is the Preserver.

C. Jesus is the Purpose of All Creation

And, friend, He is the purpose of all creation. Look in verse 16 now—the last part: “All things were created by him, and for him” (Colossians 1:16). What’s this world coming to? It’s coming to Jesus. What’s this universe coming to? It is coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, the eastern religions have come into America, and the eastern religions teach that life is cyclical; that is, it goes around in a cycle. And so, they believe in reincarnation—that you keep getting born until you get it right. You just go round, and around, and around. Now, if your karma is good, you may make progress. If your karma is bad, you may not make progress. So, if you’ve been a bad boy, you may come back as a roach. Or, maybe a little higher—you may come back as a cow. That’s the reason they won’t eat meat—they think they’re eating their grandmother, maybe. And so, that’s what they believe—that life is cyclical.

No, that’s not what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that life is linear, that history is linear, that we’re moving toward a climax. And, I believe we’re getting close to the climax of history, where Jesus Christ is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords, and I can hardly wait. We are moving toward that. It was all made by Him, and it was all made for Him. It is controlled by the Lord Jesus Christ.

III. Jesus Alone Reconciles the Lost

Well, let’s come to the third thing about our solitary Savior, the one and only Jesus Christ. Friend, Jesus alone reveals the Father. Jesus alone rules the universe. And, I’m going to tell you something else about Him: Jesus alone reconciles the lost. Jesus alone reconciles the lost—no other way to be saved. Look, if you will, in verse 20 of this wonderful chapter here: “And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him”—Jesus—”to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven.” And, let’s go to verse 21: “And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled”

(Colossians 1:20–21). O, Hallelujah! Glory to God! This One who created it all; this One who preserves it all; this One who is the eikon, the express image of Almighty God; this One is who is the firstborn, the highest of the high, the Lord of lords and the King of kings—can you believe it?—He stepped out of Heaven and died on a cross! When you see His deity, then you’ll understand the greatness of His death.

Now listen, folks. His deity makes His death meaningful; His death makes His deity knowable. His deity—His deity—makes His death meaningful. Other people may die, but, we sing that song, Brother Whitmire, that God, the mighty Maker, died for man, the creature’s sin, that He would die for me; that the blood that was poured out at Calvary was the blood of the very Son of God; that Jesus, who was the God-man, God in human flesh, as much man as if He were not God at all; as much God as if He were not man at all—not half God and half man, not all God and no man, not all man and no God; but the God-man—the God-man—came to this earth, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was nailed up on a cross with a broken heart dying for me. The One who created every seed, every shrub, every tree, every limb, was hung on a tree, on a cross. The One who scooped out a place for the seas, the One who created every lake, every pond, every brook, every spring—He was the One who said, “I thirst.” The One who flung out the sun and ignited the sun with a word was the One who suffered under that broiling noonday, Middle Eastern sun. He was the One who had flung it into space. Let me tell you something, folks: When He created the universe, you know how He did it? With a word. He just spoke, and it was so. He said, “Let it be,” and there was, and universes dripped from His fingers. He just spoke it into existence.

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