Summary: Introduction to 2 corinthians

2 CORINTHIANS - Consolation

INTRODUCTION: 2 Corinthians was the 5th Epistle written by Paul. It is the most personal and intimate of his Letters, defending his calling, his conduct, and his character.

I. The Author of the Book - The Apostle Paul (1:1)

A. Paul (1:1:10:1) - Though his name only appears twice, 1st person pronouns are used 224 times.

B. The Letter identifies Paul companions at the time of writing as:

1. Timothy - 2 times (1:1);

2. Silvanus - 1 time {Silas} (1:19);

3. Titus - 8 times (2:13).

II. The Recipients of the Book

A. The City of Corinth: See notes for 1 Corinthians

B. The Church at Corinth (1:6-7, 15) - See notes for 1 Corinthians

C. To be circulated to other Greek Churches (1:1).

IV. The Date & Place of Writing

A. Place: Written from Macedonia, after he had left Ephesus (2:12-13; Acts 20:1-4)

B. Date: Probably late in the year 57 A. D.

V. The Purpose of the Book

A. To remind the Corinthians that Jesus is the source of their comfort (1:3-4).

B. To encourage them to restore to fellowship the repentant brother. (2:5-12).

C. To defend his ministry against unfounded attacks of the Judaizers (Jewish legalist). (3:1-2; 10:12-18; 11:22-23 ).

D. To express his appreciation for their concern for him (7:5-7 ).

E. To explain the tone of his previous Letter. (7:8-16).

F. To instruct them concerning the collection for the poor saints in Jerusalem. (8:1-8; 9:1-5)

VI. The Keys to the Book

A. The key thought = If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature - (5:17)

B. The key phrase = "… he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.". (10:17 ).

C. The key verses = 1:3; 4:5; 5:17, 20-21

D. Key Words:

1. Ministry - 13 times

2. Glory/Boast - 51 times

3. Comfort/Consolation - 19 times

VII. The Outline to the Book

A. Paul’s Account of his Ministry - Ch. 1-5

B. Paul’s Appeal to his Converts - Ch. 6-9

C. Paul’s Answer to his Critics - Ch. 10-13

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