Summary: Introduction to 2 Thessalonians

2 THESSALONIANS - Reassurance

INTRODUCTION: 2 Thessalonians was the 3rd Epistle written by Paul. The messenger who had delivered 1st Thessalonians had obviously returned to Paul with a report on the conditions of the Church. Paul writes this 2nd Letter to them without delay to address the concerns the Brethren had with the doctrine of the 2nd Coming.

I. The Author of the Book -

A. The Apostle Paul (1:1) - Though his name only appears twice, 1st person pronouns are used 5 times.

B. See notes on 1 Thessalonians.

II. The Recipients of the Book - See notes on

1 Thessalonians.

III. The Date & Place of Writing

A. Place - Written from Corinth (3:6; Acts 18:5).

B. Date - Around 51 AD, during Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey, about 3 months after the 1st Letter.

IV. The Purpose of the Book

A. To encourage them by expressing thanks (1:1-4);

B. To explain to them what would happen at the return of Christ (1:5-12);

C. To warn them about false teachers (2:2);

D. To calm their fears that the day of the Lord had already come (2:1-2);

E. To appeal for their obedience (2:13- 3:5);

F. To instruct them on how to deal with a disorderly brother (3:6-15);

G. To certify that the Letter was from him (3:16-18).

V. The Keys to the Book

A. The key thought = Faithfulness until Christ returns.

B. The key phrase = "The day of Christ " (2:2).

C. The key verse = 2:2

D. Key Words: 1. Day - 4 times 2. Lord - 22 times

VI. The Outline to the Book

A. Pastoral Encouragement - Ch. 1

1. Of Praise (vv. 1-4)

2. Of Promise (vv. 5-10)

3. Of Prayer (vv. 11-12)

B. Prophetic Enlightenment - Ch. 2

1. The Rapture of Believers (vv. 1, 6-7)

2. The Revelation of the Anti-Christ (vv. 3-5, 8)

3. The Return of Jesus (vv. 8-12)

4. The Readiness of Believers (vv. 13-17)

C. Practical Exhortation - Ch. 3

1. Wait (vv. 1-5)

2. Walk (vv. 6-7)

3. Work (vv. 8-18)

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