Summary: What we can learn from Abraham

INTRO: I. New Year upon us.

A. New goals and made new commitments.

B. Time to reflect how did last year’s goals develop.

II. We need to become like this lady.

A. Professional violinist – Carnagie Hall.

B. Ask how she became so good.

C. Planned neglect. She planned to neglect everything that was not related to her goal.

III. Many of us need to be like this.

A. Today look at individual who got sidetracked.

B. Abraham.

TITLE: Jewels of Abraham

TEXT: Genesis 12:1-5

I. Call (READ v. 1)

A. Background (31-32)

1. First call UR of the Chaldeans (Mesopotamia) Acts 7:2 – “The God of Glory appeared to our Father Abraham while he still was in Mesopotamia before he lived in Haran.”

2. Picture: First called UR of the Chaldees and then to go to Canaan.

a. Geography: Ur of the Chaldees – by Persian Gulf, Iraq.

Canaan – Isreal today. Arabian Desert – go around – 1,000 journey.

B. Purpose: separating.

1. Ur of the Chaldees was known as “The Great Moon City” – very center of Chaldean worship.

-Pagan idol worship, sexual immorality.

2. Bad Influence.

Ex. Lot and two daughters (50-10) Sodom and Gomorrah.

3. Sanctification.

-Process to become more Christ-like (holy).

*Most basic meaning is separation or to be set apart.

C. Journey: Long hard – 1,000 miles

1. Traveling Terah, Abram, Sara, Lot.

a. Hard conditions (weather, constantly moving).

Ex. Felicia – “how many miles.”

2. Stop in Haran (half way) and settled down.

a. God wanted them to go on to Canaan, but they stopped and settled.

b. Reasons: could be many.

-Dad old, about ready to die. *Maybe just tired of journey.

-Constant fighting – was too hard.

D. Christian journey (played out in life of Abram).

1. God has called us – taken that step of faith. Accepted Jesus Christ.

a. Lord called us to be holy “sanctification”. 1 Peter 1:16 – “Bee ye holy because I am holy.”

**become Christ-like.

**constant war.

**saved, God did not make us so that we would no longer sin.

b. Like Abram or his family, Lord has called us on a journey with Him (journey of faith,


1. Tired, long, hard journey.

-Seems like just finish one trial and another one has just started.

2. (Halfway) Stopped like Abram and his family because the journey is hard and you need a


a. Settled down (comforts, Satan has given you a pillow to sit on, for your rest.)

Note: Break from war front.

b. Pace slowed down (run with fervor, crawling at a snail’s pace).

Note: Running cramps

E. Second call to help motivate you – v. 1

1. Willing to sacrifice.

a. Give up the comforts that they have come to enjoy.

1. Haran was also a center for moon worship. On main trade route between Babylon and Mediterranean.

2. (I believe) God lightened the load (Terah died).

- Lord took what was slowing them or hindering them.

Ex. Guy is heroin addict, prison broke it.

**Hard thought – must be willing to have the Master mold you.

2. Abram ordered to give up:

a. Country d. Heritage

b. People e. Friends

c. Family f. Loved ones

Read v. 1 again.

*We complain and feel it’s hard to give up the simplest things, imagine giving up the things Abram


3. Emotional struggle

a. Excitement – new opportunities, God spoke again.

b. Loneliness – hard to make new friends.

c. Fear – unknown.

1. Trials and testings (going through again).

a. Faith – George Muller said, “trails, obstacles, difficulties and sometimes defeats are the

very food of faith.”

Note: Well, if that’s for supper, I am going to fast.

b. It takes faith to step into the fiery furnace the first time, but it takes more faith to step in

the second time (know the pain).

Abram was stepping in for the second time, but God was helping him.

II. Promise – v. 2-3 (READ)

God does not always explain why He does things, but He gives encouragement by promises of future good.

A. Promises Abram considered two-fold.

1. Concerned him personally.

a. Loss of country. God promised that He would make him a great nation.

1. Abram’s own nation falling into idolatry and wickedness.

2. God would make him a great nation Isreal – “the apple of God’s eye.”

b. Loss of his place of birth. God promised to bless him.

1. Abram left much behind, all prospects of wealth and comfort.

2. God blessed him. God blessed him so much by Chapter 13. Abram and Lot separated

(land could not support both of them).

c. Loss of family distinction. God promised to make his name great.

1. Abram left his father’s house.

2. God blessed him by a famous and lasting house.

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