Summary: We need to be a person with a different spirit just like Joseph.

INTRO: A middle-aged business executive approached the front entrance of the office building in which he worked. A young feminist came up at the same moment, so he stepped back and held the door open for her to pass through. She looked at him and said with annoyance, “Don’t hold the door for me just because I’m a lady.”

To her surprise, he looked right back at her and replied, “I’m not, I’m holding the door because I’m a gentleman.”

Likewise, we as Christians must always act toward others on the basis of what we are in Christ Jesus, and not on the basis of what they may or my not be.

Today we’re going to look at an OT character who had sterling character (Joseph).

TEXT: Gen. 37:1 NIV

I. Joseph was of a different spirit

II. Joseph was marked out for great destiny

III. Joseph was an object of envy and hatred.


I. Joseph was of a different spirit – v. 2-4 READ

A. Joseph’s love of the truth and what was right made him different from his half brothers. Joseph saw things that disturbed him terribly and Joseph felt it was his obligation to tell his father.

1. Gave a bad report to his father about his brothers not doing the job the father had assigned.

a. Brothers were away from the paternal eye of the father and gave way to temptation. (cat away, the mice will play).

1. Like Felicia with the cat.

b. But they could not be hidden from the eyes of our Heavenly Father. Hebrews 4:13 – “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account.”

1. Laid bare – GK mindset is of a wrestler grabbing throat and winning or of a priest laying the victim so the throat is exposed for the sacrifice. Check for the defects.

a. Cannot overcome. He is powerful.

b. Checking for defects and blemishes

c. Must give an accounting to him personally.

2. Joseph understood this. (He was a man with a different spirit. He loved what was true and right.)

a. I remember listening on the news – little girl, her parents in because they were drug addicts and she loved them enough to get them help. (That’s the only way they could get help).

Note: Joseph taking care of sheep, train him to take care of needs of Eqyptians.

B. Joseph showed an unwillingness to get involved in other’s sins.

1. Joseph did not fall into the brother’s ways that got them into trouble. Brothers were neglecting the needs of the sheep. Probably worrying about their own needs over the flock’s needs.

-Even though he was away from his father’s eye (who might have never known what

was going on).

-Even though he might have felt the peer pressure from his brothers to do wrong.

2. Perfect example: Police brutality in LA where several policemen were beating this individual after a high speed chase. They continued to beat him after he was on the ground. Almost unconscious. Others were standing around watching and not intervening.

Thoughts could have had:

-unsure what to do. Didn’t want to get involved because were afraid what the other officers would think.

-Nobody would see this. Our word against theirs, and after all they will believe the police.

-wonder what Joseph would have done in that situation?

-I wonder what we would have done?

C. Joseph also had a spirit of ready obedience.

1. A faithful report he owed his father no matter how much he loved his half-brothers.

a. I believe Joseph cared enough to help bring some correction into their lives.

1. Mike being held accountable.

2. Paul confronting Peter in Galations, chapter 2, Peter is being swayed by some high standing religious men who have come to visit him from Jerusalem. Saying must be circumcised also besides the gospel (even though God showed Peter he accepted the Gentiles).

a. Paul rebukes Peter in front of them all (Paul held Peter accountable, Peter was wrong and later changed his stance.)

1. One reason why God brings us together to help us hold each other accountable.

-Like Joseph caring enough for his brothers to hold them accountable.

TS – Made him of different spirit.

II. Joseph was marked out for a great destiny, 5-11, READ

A. Two dreams.

1. Out in field binding sheaves of grain.

a. Harvest time – wheat, barley.

-Men’s job, use sickle and cut it down.

-Women’s job, gather together and tie in sheaves. (Gather a bunch of wheat stocks, barley and tie together and stand up so don’t rot and it is easy to transport).

2. Joseph’s dream tells brothers about his sheaves and yours were gathered around mine and bowing down.

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