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Summary: You cannot battle if your energy is being drained through incessant weeping and fearing! Get ready to combat the enemy, not through flesh or weapons but on your knees!

Jezebel Spirit!

Ephesians 6:12”We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against ……this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

You cannot battle if your energy is being drained through incessant weeping and fearing! Get ready to combat the enemy, not through flesh or weapons but on your knees! I tell you, I have learnt plenty of lessons in the past decade or so regarding this ‘Jezebel spirit’, identifying the ‘source’ from where the enemy is attacking you is paramount. I write after lot of prayer, lot of meditation and experience on the subject; what I mean by identifying the source is that, ‘who is satan using to fulfil his plans of extinguishing the joy and peace from your life.’ At times, the truth may be flabbergasting! The reason is, ‘they are normally people very close to you!’ Isn’t this eerie? They may be: close friend, close family member, church member, team member, neighbor you love, colleague, prayer partner and so on.

Features of a Jezebel spirit: ‘faking to be extremely spiritual and prayerful, jabber mouth, pretending to be extremely concerned and attentive regarding you, overall – mocker, talker and destroyer! Beware! People who fall all over me, kiss me, praise me and utter ‘praise the Lord’ 24/7 are the ones who had turned against me. You need discernment from the Lord to identify the Jezebel spirit! Proverbs 1:2 says, we got ‘To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight..’ Yes, wisdom and discretion from God is essential to tackle the demonic forces! The devil surreptitiously enters your life through various sources! Identifying is the challenge! For example, when a young, smart man decided to wake up early the next morning to pray, after lot of advices from me, promptly his old friend (demonic fellow) dropped at his home and cajoled him to go to the gym with him. The young Christian boy fell prey to his friend and never ever got back to God after that. He stopped complete fellowship with me – I still do not know where he is!

Friend, let this devotion be an eye-opener to you, henceforth, tackle the enemy in the spirit rather than spending your energy through vain discussions. At times, it is better to talk only to God rather than trust people, are you listening to me? Seek God to give you a strategy to tackle the subtle wiles of the devil; the number one on the list is ‘fasting!’ Without fasting and prayer, you become ‘pizza’ in the mouth of the enemy. He will roll and swallow you up, beware! If you have ceaseless problems, misunderstandings, fights, arguments, marital hassles, mental disturbances, sleepless nights, take it from me, please get down on your knees to pray and also find out a good church and attend ‘fasting prayer meetings’. Hey, friend, you don’t get deliverance anywhere else, only anointed people can lead you in the right path.

Your prayers can get blocked for the following reasons:

Unconfessed sins b) Active sins c) disobedience d) rebelliousness e) Lust f) Idol worship etc; for instance, I was instructing a particular Christian family to shift their house, since there were lot of idols in that house in the form of big idol on the wooden door and idol images in pooja (idol worship room) room etc. They carelessly refused to give heed to my advice, therefore, their house is shattered in all areas: business, marriage and finances. I am watching the horror right in front of my eyes! When you give the enemy a foothold in your life, God cannot help you! Caveat!

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