Summary: This sermon over views Job 1, Job is tested by Satan.

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In the society today we can find ourseleves striving to become rich here on earth. Many times we become so focus on become rich that we seem to forget about God. We tend to forget about God because we become more focus on getting rich, and keeping up with the Jones' for example. I have come to inform you today that all of the material things that you have will not last forever and that they can be gone in the blink of an eye.

Now please do not get me wrong my brothers and sisters, God does not want us to be poor. God will give us the things that we need to survive, and he willl even give us the desires of our heart. The one thing that God ask of us is that we keep him first. If we truly want to be rich then we should keep God first at all times. The reason being is because if we are rich and do not keep God first, then we will not be rich for long. This is because we will be trying to stay rich without God, and we cannot do anything without God. Let us rememeber that all things all possible through Jesus Christ.

Let us look at a man in the bible that was known as the greatest man among all of the people in the East. This man that we are talking about is named Job. Job was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. He had seven sons, and three daughters, he had seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five thousand yoke of oxen and five hundred donkeys. On top of all of these things Job had a large number of servants.

When we look at Job from the human eye we would assume that Job had it made, and that he had no issues or worries. Job was a man that feared God, so you know that God was on Job's side and that God was in control of Job's life. Job had all of these things, and would soon go under attack by satan. Satan believed that if Job lost everything that he owned that he would surely curse God to his face. God would allow Satan to attack everything that Job owned, but he could not touch Job's life.

Ladies and gentlemen you and I have to realize that when we are a child of God, Satan cannot touch our very lives. Now yes he can test us from time to time, and yes he can destroy our material things. Satan can only touch our belongings if he recieves premission from God. God will not give us a test that we are not prepared for, you see because God prepares us for our upcoming test before they even arrive.

Everything that Job owned would be destroyed by Satan by the end of the first chapter. All of the things that Job worked so hard to achieve and gain would be destroyed by Satan. I would have to believe that Satan destroyed all of Job's belongings because he did not want Job to have anything that was good. Now even though Job lost his sheep, yoke of oxen, servants, and family he did not curse or blame God for any of it.

Instead Job fell to his knees and began to worship God for the things that just happened. I do believe that Job understood that even though he had lost all of his things that God was still in control, and that God would provide for him. It is correct for us to say that the bet that Satan placed with God about Job, came out in God's favor. The reason being is because Job did not curse or blame God because of the things that had happened to him along the way.

The question we need to ask oursleves is: What if Satan got premission to come into our lives and destroy all of the material things that we had, would we blame God, or would we be able to praise God at the end of the lost?

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