Summary: A brief Outline of Job's Trial


I. He Worshipped Job 1:20 (After wealth and children were lost.)

II. He Wished Job 3:1-5 that he had not been born. (After body was diseased.)

III. He Wanted Job 6:8-9 to be destroyed.

IV. He Wished Again Job 9:32-33 for a daysman (umpire) between he

and God.

V. He is Weary Job 10:1 of his life.

VI. He is not Wicked. Job 10:7

VII. He Wonders, Where is God?

VIII. He Waits. Job 13:15

IX. He Withstands Job 42:10 the TEST (Trial).

If the problems that have upset you and you don’t know what to do

get you eyes on God. Look by faith at God and hang in there to

the very end. It will become a blessing.

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