Summary: A first person narrative of Joseph and his story.

The Story: Chapter 3.

Joseph, a first person narrative

You may not recognize me without my coat. I used to have a coat of many colors that my father gave me. But something happened to that so I can’t wear it anymore. It was given to me by my father, he thought very highly of me. I guess you could probably say I was his favorite. See I was born when he was at an old age. He had given me a special robe that had many colors on it and my brothers soon became aware that I was his favorite and they didn’t have anything nice to say to me at all. And you know that old saying; if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all…so it was kinda quiet around our house because they didn’t say much to me. Then one day I had a strange dream. I dreamt I was working on the grain with my brothers and my grain stood higher than theirs and that there grain bowed down to my grain. They hated me even more after I told them about this. They thought I intended to rule over them, and then I told them that’s not the end. I told them I had a dream where even the moon and star were told to bow down to me, so yeah they didn’t like this one either.

I will never forget this day though. My brothers were out watching over the sheep, and my father wanted me to go check on them. So I set out to look for them, they weren’t where I initially thought they were but someone helped me find them. I saw them off in the distance, they were doing well and I was excited to see them!

As I got closed though it became evident they weren’t too pumped to see me though. I guess they were still bitter about the dreams or maybe because I was my Dads favorite, but anyways when I reached them, they took my robe – the one that had all of the colors- and they threw me into a well. Can you believe that! You thought your bothers and sisters were bad, mine threw me into a well!!! They planned on leaving me there to die too! They were going to leave me in there until I died from dehydration. As I was down there I could hear them scheming about how to tell my Dad. They took my jacket and rubbed blood on it and they were going to tell my father that a wild animal attacked me. But the next thing I know they’re pulling me out of the well and I think whew they had a change of mind. They’re gonna say hey you just got punked, we were messing with you and we’d laugh about it and head home…but that wasn’t the case. There was a caravan that was passing by and they sold me as a slave to them. Get this, the only reason they didn’t kill me was because they could profit off of me.

So this is crazy right, but I knew God was with me.

Once we got to Egypt they sold me to Potiphar, he was one of Pharos officials. Through all of this God was with me. I mean I was living in the house of an official and he soon saw that the Lord was with me and that he gave me success in everything I did. And because of this I found favor in the eyes of Potiphar. He trusted me and put me in charge of everything in his household. It was great!

But this next part gets a little awkward, but I’ll take a swing at it. As you can tell I am well built and extremely handsome and Potiphar wife took notice and told me to come to bed with her.

I refused I mean eww, seriously, so gross!

I told her that Potiphar has trusted me with so much, and I would not ruin his trust. I told her that God has blessed me in everything I’ve done and that I would not sin against him. So needless to say it was an awkward work environment.

Days went by and I didn’t talk to her and I even tried to not be in the same room as her, but one day when it was just the two of us she grabbed my cloak and tried to pull me to bed. I refused and left the house. Well she started telling everyone a lie! She started telling them that I came onto her. She told her husband Potiphar this and he had me put in jail.

While I was in prison my Lord was with me. Even in as awful place as prison when your lord is with you he can make great things happen. And he did. The lord was with me and the prison warden found favor in me. Just like before I was put in charge of so much, and the warden didn’t worry about anything that was under my responsibility. Because the Lord was with me he made me successful in whatever I did.

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