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Reading: Genesis chapter 47 verses 11-31.


• A husband came down to breakfast and was delighted to hear his wife say;

• “Darling you are a model husband!”

• He was so encouraged by that remark that it put him in ‘on a high’ all morning;

• “Darling you are a model husband!”

• At lunchtime he decided to look up the word model in his desk dictionary;

• As he found the page and began reading the description his mood change instantly.

• It said;

• ‘Model, a small plastic imitation of the real thing”.

The word ‘model’ actually has several meanings:

• Including someone who is ‘exemplary, commendable, admirable, excellent ’.

• In that sense of the word Joseph in this passage is a model leader.

• There are traits and characteristics that we should take note of;

• Joseph was an authentic, genuine leader.

• And in him we see qualities;

• That each one of us would do well to copy into our own lives.


• The word "integrity" comes from the same root word as integration.

• Integrity is when you integrate faith with your living.

Quote: Warren Wiersbe:

“A person with integrity is not divided (that's duplicity)

or merely pretending (that's hypocrisy).

He or she is 'whole': life is 'put together,' and things are working together harmoniously.

People with integrity have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. Their lives are open books.”

• Whether in slavery, in prison or now as prime minister;

• As you examine the life of Joseph, you have to be impressed by his integrity!

• Whatever backdrop you put him against;

• He remained true to himself and more importantly to his God.

In the passage before us this morning we also see Joseph’s leadership skills;

Quote: George Barna:

“Leadership is the ability to put the plans into practice, and to accomplish the specified objectives through the skilful management of people, time, and tangible resources. A good leader is one who is able to motivate people; one who is capable of making good decisions, even under pressure or in conditions of uncertainty; one who can guide people through actions as well as words”.

• If you want a biblical example of one who fulfilled all that and more;

• You need look no further than Joseph in this chapter.

(1). Joseph and the famine (verses 13-19):

(1). He traded grain for their money (vs 13-14)

“There was no food, however, in the whole region because the famine was severe; both Egypt and Canaan wasted away because of the famine. 14 Joseph collected all the money that was to be found in Egypt and Canaan in payment for the grain they were buying, and he brought it to Pharaoh's palace.”


It was reported that eleven millionaires went down on the Titanic.

• Major A. H. Peuchen;

• Left $300,000.00 in money, jewellery and securities in a box in his cabin.

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