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Summary: Throughout history, God has revealed more and more aspects of His Kingdom little by little in each generation.

Journey To God's Kingdom

Throughout history, God has revealed more and more aspects of His Kingdom little by little in each generation.

We are living in a very important season as we approach the greatest showdown between the Kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness.

Throughout our Christian walk, God takes us on a journey and always takes us to His destination if we follow His leading. Not every journey is comfortable because our Christian walk will always have highs and lows. However, God will always take us to a good place. It’s not always about the journey, but the destination.

God has been taking the church on a journey for the past two thousand years and we are about to experience wonderful events in this season which will reveal new secrets of the Kingdom. The fact that it is called a Kingdom means that there is a King and He is the King of kings and Lord of lords and His name is Jesus.

The Kingdom is not some kind of mystic concept but is known as a Kingdom because there is a King and His name is Jesus. As we learn more and more how the Kingdom works, we will begin to know Jesus more and more.

This generation is positioned favorably and is prophetically chosen to release the blessings of heaven on the earth.

God always does things through His anointed people and those who are positioned and present will be used to bring the glory of God to all the nations of the earth.

It is one thing to start the race, but it is more important to finish the race. When we start out on our spiritual journey, we must do everything in our power to look after each part of the journey and to finish the race. Too many people start out but never finish what they started out to do.

Luke 9:62 - And Jesus said to him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Everything about the Kingdom is starting out, enduring the journey, and finishing strong. The Kingdom of God is a forward moving Kingdom and never looks back.

God has allowed many examples to be recorded in the Bible so that we can understand how the Kingdom works. They are there to show us the nature and the character of the King and how He responds to our choices.

God has a purpose for everything

Even if the things of God do not make any sense to our intellect and may be difficult to figure out, God has a purpose for everything. We may wonder why we went through strange situations, but that is God’s way and He knows best. Your journey may have begun in a strange place and you have been unable to work it out, but God has a purpose for that.

When the Israelites lived under Pharaoh in Egypt, they found themselves in a godless place.

The sad thing is that most of them became comfortable in Egypt. A new season came and it was time for them to move on, but they resisted the voice of God. Wherever you may find yourself, always keep your eyes on the Lord because God will speak in the right season and take you from a godless place to another place.

God has never ever allowed His people to camp and stay camped. He always moves His people on. He moves them to greater things, to greener grass, to greater promises, but yet the journey always ends where He wants us to be.

When God speaks, we need to move. We must also understand that we may not necessarily go to a better place, but it is the journey that God uses to take us to our promises.

There is a beginning and an end of every journey and there is a beginning and an end of an every leg of a journey and that may be a time spent in a wilderness. This wilderness experience may just be for a time and there are a few things that we can do while we are going through this phase of our journey.

We can be like many of the Israelites who fought God which caused them to lose the promises. They made life very difficult for their leaders. They fought their leaders, turned their backs on God, and bowed down to idols.

They were always seeking something. We do not have to seek for God, because He is right there waiting to bless us in that wilderness experience. We can make a choice and see this part of the journey as a time to exercise our faith and thank God for this learning process.

Those that are destined to enjoy the promises of God have to be men and women of faith and tenacity.

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