Summary: Understanding the JOY God has for you!

“Joy Comes in the Morning”

Psalm 30

Turn to Psalm 30


Over the past few weeks, I have been dealing with several things on a personal, spiritual level that have been plaguing me over this church, and what it is that God has for us. While away this past week I was actually able to spend some time reading and studying on my own and found out that even the smallest things we go through God is able to be glorified.

This morning is the beginning of a 2 part message that will culminate next week with “Vision Sunday”. I believe that we have seen some amazing growth in the past 12 months and God has been preparing laborers and those desiring a more intimate relationship with Him. As we talked about at the picnic we have much to celebrate and give God glory for, but I believe it is time to dream big – and watch how much more God is able to do.

Next Sunday we will have some special challenges for the church body … and I honestly think that God is willing to do something amazing, if we are willing to trust Him.

However, before we can grow with the Lord and allow His leading to really take hold, we have to understand who He is, and really desire a right relationship and mindset with Him. This morning, let’s see what happened to a man after God’s own heart and what God was able to do abundantly in his life.


The Psalms have always been something that were given by God, inspired by His Spirit, to show that trusting the Lord is to be a constant – and no matter what we go through, they are there as a source of strength for the believer.

Point 1 – Laying the Foundation (v1-3)

David has just finished building a temple to the Lord, and he is dedicating this temple to God

If we are to be serious about looking for God to work through this church – we have to be willing to dedicate this building, and ourselves as we are in it, to God’s service.

The temple that David is dedicating is that of his heart – he is crying out to the Lord and asking for a change of heart in himself – and for the temple to be used to glorify him.

Note the promises that David is declaring …

He was lifted up – have you ever been lifted up?

He called to God and was healed – have you ever been healed?

He was raised from the grave and was spared from the pit (hell) – have you been spared?

What David is doing is simply: GIVING HIS TESTIMONY! What is your testimony today? Can you declare that God has delivered you from sickness? Delivered and healed your marriage? Delivered you from sin and despair?

Or, is your testimony only that you have His salvation and that is that?

Imagine if that is all David had – would God have used him in such a mighty way to declare to us what we need to change and relate too? Let’s go a little deeper into David’s life and understand what God is able to do to a willing soul by understanding His releasing power.

Point 2 – Understanding God’s release (v4-7)

Anger lasting for a moment deals specifically with God’s timing – not our own

Many trust that God’s time is our time, and this is false. We must wait on the Lord and understand that when He says something will happen – we should take it as gold and continue persevering.

David is exhorting the church to continue to praise His name – and without praise I firmly believe that we have spiritual death!

Look what happens after the sorrow -- Joy comes in the morning!!

Have you ever been through something and suddenly a new day brought clarity and release?

Look at David’s cry in verse 6 – When I felt secure, I said (he testified) that he will never be shaken! His foundation is in God almighty, and when he feels secure in the Lord he is strong and resolved to continue moving forward!

But look at verse 7 (re-read) --- God did turn his face from David and because of it, David was dismayed and hurt. He felt rejected, and he felt alone and without power. If you feel alone today, I want to encourage you to check yourself and be sure that you have the Lord.

No believer should ever feel alone, and with God you are a MAJORITY! Do you believe that?

Look at how David dealt with being alone – he was dismayed and so immediately he knew that he had to call out to God and seek God’s redemption.

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