Main Idea: We can find hope, love and faith in the words spoken by the angel on that first Resurrection


Interrogative: Is there a message for today us in the words spoken by the angel on that first Resurrection


I. Background (vv. 1-5)

II. A Word That Gives Hope. (v. 6)

1. The angel’s first word to these women was, “He is Risen!”

2. The situation these women were in seemed to them to be hopeless.

(1) In their minds’ Jesus was dead!

(2) But, when they got to the tomb, they didn’t find a dead Jesus.

(3) They found the stone moved, the body gone, and an angel that said, “He is not here.”

3. The words of the angel were words of hope to these mourning women, the night of weeping was

gone, and the joy of the morning had come.

4. The angel has a word for you this morning -- that true hope can only be found in Christ.

III. A Word That Shows Love. (v. 7)

1. The angel’s second word to these women was, “go and tell His disciples -- and Peter”

2. Remember what had happened to Peter?

(1) This was the man who had sworn to the Master that he would die for him. (read vv.

14:27-31 - 16:66-72?)

3. The angel’s message was go and tell his disciples AND PETER

(1) Jesus wanted Peter to know that even though he had betrayed and forsaken Him, he still

loved Peter.

(2) John gives us an account of Jesus’ restoration of Peter in John 21:15-19

4. Some of you are just like Simon Peter this morning.

(1) You at one time swore your allegiance to the savior, but somehow you turned your back

on him.

(2) The angel has a word for you today -- You can be restored to a right relationship with


IV. A Word That Requires Faith. (v. 7)

1. The angel’s third word to these women was, “He is going before you into Galilee; there you will

see Him,...”

2. Keep in mind, these women had not seen the risen Savior yet, that occurred later after Peter and

John had been to the tomb, and saw that the body was missing.

(1) After they left, Mary Magdeline lingered back at the tomb weeping and mourning because

she still thought that someone had stolen the body.

(2) It was then that Jesus appeared to her.

3. The only proof they had of the resurrection at that time was the empty tomb, grave clothes and

testimony of the angel.

4. The word that the angel spoke to them that day, that they were to go back and tell the disciples

requires faith.

(1) The angel has a word for you this morning -- Believe

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