Summary: Guidance for reacting to the sin in our lives.

Judas Iscariot: Just Another Sinner

Matthew 26:47-56/27:3-5

Introduction: Judas thought Jesus would lead a physical rebellion against Rome. He probably thought that he could spur Jesus to action. He was wrong. Satan brought about Judas’ sin. Satan used Judas’ love of money and desire for rebellion against Rome. Satan always twists the truth in our minds to accomplish his will. ILLUS p. 684 Brightly colored Amazon spiders look like flowers to attract prey.

I. Jesus’ Reaction

A. His question to Judas “Friend, why have you come?” “Wherefore art thou come?” (KJV)

1. Personal: “Friend”

2. Persistent: “Why”- Demands an answer, more than just “yes” or “no”.

3. Pertinent: Jesus had a right to know.

4. Piercing: Just see the results.

a. The sin could not be undone.

b. The results were not what Judas expected.

c. “The Great Deceiver” – After sinning, we hate what we gain by it, for it pales in comparision to what we gain from God by not sinning.

B. Jesus’ question confronted Judas on every level of his sin.

C. Jesus questions us in the same way about our own sin.

II. Judas’ Reaction

A. Condemnation – guilty conscience

1. When we knowingly and willfully sin, we often become so guilt ridden that we don’t think to ask forgiveness.

2. This guilt lack of confession is usually a result of pride (another sin).

3. ILLUS- Yancey’s friend who left his wife and children for a younger woman and later couldn’t ask forgiveness because he was too prideful. Instead he said he was leaving a “bad” marriage. Simply an excuse.

4. Judas reacted in the wrong way:

B. Contrition/Confession

1. He said “I have sinned”, but he said it to the wrong people (priests)

2. He failed to rely on the grace of God and instead relied on the grace of men. He didn’t find it.

3. He could not undo the sin, but through God’s forgiveness, he could overcome it.

4. Had he confessed and repented to God, he would have been forgiven.

C. Consternation

1. He killed himself.

2. When he didn’t turn to God, he had nowhere else to turn.

3. This is never the right answer.

III. Judas’ Sin

A. Judas had a chance at a personal relationship with Jesus

1. He had a choice: Jesus or the world.

2. He let that chance go because of his choice (sin).

3. He let Jesus slip through his fingers.

B. We have the same chance at a personal relationship – That same choice.

C. Our own confession and repentance is just as important

1. Do not wallow in self-pity and sorrow over your sin. REPENT! Rely on God’s grace, it’s what saved you in the first place!

2. ILLUS 383 – Why did Jesus choose Judas? That question is less important than “Why did Jesus choose me?”

Conclusion: Sin equals death (The wages of sin is death). How we react to our own sin determines our fate. We can repent and ask forgiveness and die in Christ as the other disciples did, or we can die without Him, as Judas did.

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