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Summary: This is a salvation message based upon the great white throne of judgement.

Judgment Day

Revelation 20:11-15 (quickview) 


Judgment. Our world today is fascinated by judgment. Judgment is even considered to be entertainment. We have numerous T.V. court shows, sitcoms about judges and judgment, court T.V., and movies galore that feed off of the theme or subject of judgment.

Judgment is something we all will have to endure sooner or later. As humans there are two appointments we will be unable to get out of: death and judgment. The Bible says that it’s appointed unto men once to die, after that the judgment. This does not exclude any one.

If we’re saved then we will undergo the judgment of Christ in which our works are tried by fire, but if we leave this world without Christ then we must face judgment before God at His great white throne.


I. IN GOD’S JUDGMENT THERE WILL BE A JUDGE Revelation 20:11 (quickview) 

A. There Will Be A Throne

NOTE: This is the throne referred to as the great white throne of judgment.

1. A judge sits on this throne

NOTE: The throne is the symbol for a king or ruler. In times past when there was a legal dispute, the matter would be brought before the king or ruler for judgment.

2. The judge is mighty

a. The earth fled at His presence

b. The heavens fled at His presence

B. A Man Will Not Judge Himself

NOTE: He will think too highly of himself and would not judge fairly

C. Loved Ones Will Not Be The Judge

NOTE: Loved ones will overlook a lot of faults. Proverbs tells us that love covers all sin.

NOTE: A man went over to his neighbor’s house and found him beating on his wife. When he saw the bruises and blood he rushed inside and hit his neighbor saying, “I can’t believe you can treat your wife like that!” The wife then ran into the kitchen, grabbed a broom and said’ “Take your hands off of my husband and leave him alone!” Love can cause blindness.

D. Enemies Won’t Be The Judge

NOTE: He would be prejudiced and would be too quick to condemn no matter what the evidence was.

E. God Will Be The Judge

1. He is infinite in His knowledge

NOTE: There is nothing God does not know. Nothing has ever nor ever will be unknown to God.

2. Nothing can be hidden from Him



II. IN GOD’S JUDGMENT THERE WILL BE THE JUDGED Revelation 20:12-13 (quickview) 

A. The Dead Both Great And Small Will Be Judged

B. The Dead Of The Sea Will Be Judged

C. The Dead Of Death And Of Hell Will Be Judged

NOTE: These would included those who went through life as if there were no God; the murderers, the thief, the whoremonger, the liar, the sorcerer, and the plain old out and out sinner.

The one who is a “good person” and feels like God is good for some, but he doesn’t need Him. He’s okay by himself; he doesn’t need God to forgive him will be there.

The “professor of religion, but not possessors of Jesus” will be judged. These are the unsaved church members who played Christian instead of living Christian.

The prideful will be there; those who allowed pride to keep them from receiving Christ. They were too worried about what others would say or think.

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