Summary: Focus on your shortcomings instead of the faults of others

Judging Others

Matthew 7:1-6

I. Judging is a condemnation

A. It has finality

- Your long term thoughts on a person are developed in the first 30

seconds of contact.

B. Judging places your values upon a person

- You are imperfect also

C. God will treat you in like kind

- God’s values and ideals are perfect, you would not live up to the


II. Faulty Vision

A. We tend to look at the faults of others, without ever paying attention to our


- We feel better when we get the attention off of ourselves

B. We become show-offs

- You become a spectacle

- by doing so, you make your faults much more apparent

III. You must first deal with your faults, before you can ever be of help to others

A. Once you have dealt with your sins, your spiritual vision will be much clearer

B. You can recognize the symptoms in others.

IV. Don’t waste the precious gifts that God has given you.

A. Use your gifts for God’s glory

B. Don’t waste them for the magnification of self

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