Summary: Spending quality time with Jesus leads to love and conversion

Luke 24:13-35

Introduction: Video “Let’s Go!”

I. Their Initial Condition

- Illustration “Dear God, It didn’t Happen”

A. They were blinded. (v.16)

B. They were confused. (vs. 18-23)

C. They were without hope. (v.21)

II. Their on-going Crisis

- Illustration “It is literal”

A. They could not recognize Christ. (vs. 19-24)

B. They could not understand scripture. (vs. 25-26)

C. They could not comprehend God’s glory. (v.26)

III. The Eventual conversion

A. They were filled up with God. (V.32)

B. They were compelled to be witnesses. (v.34)

C. Their lives were changed. (v.53)

Conclusion: Illustration of “Who is Jesus”

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