Summary: This sermon is about living on the ready, prepared for the return of Christ Jesus.

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Just A Lookin For A Home / Luke 12: 22-40

Intro: Give each person present three small slips of paper. Instruct them that they are being evacuated from their home and can only take 3 items that they can carry all at the same time. Write one of these items on each slip of paper, fold in half and hold them.

I. I’ve been in a similar situation. – We had just 3 weeks to find house and move. – I felt like the bowl weevil in the old song, Just A Lookin’ For a Home.

A. Jesus’ rambling discourse – Verse 22 – 23 – Don’t worry; be happy!

B. Section Luke 12:1-13:9 --- series of related metaphors on watchfulness drawn from reflections on the roles of masters and slaves.

C. Everything’s going to be OK. Don’t worry. --- easier said than done.

II. I had a colleague whose home flooded one evening during a terrible rain storm. She lost most of her precious possessions since the water was over three feet deep in her home. I asked her if it happened again what she would take with her. Her answer was shoes.

A. Verse 30 – 31 --- God knows our needs before we do and is sufficient to meet those needs.

B. Great difference between expectations and needs.

C. Kalman and Sue Csia were friends of mine who during World War II were fleeing from the Germans. It seems the Germans were rounding up protestant pastors because of the Barmen Declaration. They literally fled for their lives. I asked them what they had learned from this experience. They both replied that they learned to rely on God to supply what their NEEDS.

III. Verses 32 – 40 tell us that material possessions do not give life security.

A. Most possess things we don’t need. Verse 34 – “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

B. Don’t worry about getting and having – worry about when Christ shall return. What will you take with you then.

C. Verse 35 –“ be dressed for action” – actually – gird up your loins. – demonstrate what this means by explaining that the robes would be pulled through the legs from the back and tucked into the belt in the front thus making it easier to work unencumbered by the flowing robe. We must learn to live on the ready.

Conclu: Ask each individual to hold their three papers written on earlier. Turn to person to the right and have them take one. Then, you turn to take one from the person to left. – What you have left is all you can take with you when you are evacuated. What does that one thing say about you and your quest to find a home in heaven? – Verse 40.

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