Summary: In this passage Paul lists three great blessing of our justification: Peace with God, Access to God, and Glorious Hope of being with God.

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Recently I read the biography of Norman Grubb, a missionary in Africa, and the leader of his mission for 30 years. I was struck by what he wrote: "At conversion we learned that we had not done what we should, but then we soon learn that of ourselves we cannot do what we should." We need the enabling of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses for Jesus by lip and life on a daily basis.

The same point is made in John Wesley’s life-changing experience in Aldersgate Street in May 1738. He acknowledges that he had become a true believer in justification by faith since the previous March, and yet he knew he lacked something and was hungry for it. But at that meeting he said, "I felt my heart strangely warmed..." He said that before this experience he had the faith of a servant, but now it was that of a son. (Owen Bourgaize - Sermon Central)

In this passage Paul lists three great blessing of our justification:

1. Peace with God (v. 1). Justification means that God has made us righteous, which is declaration of peace, made possible by Christ’s death on the cross.

2. Access to God (v. 2a). The child of a king can enter his father’s presence under any circumstance. The word “access” here means “entrance through the favor of another.” Those of us who have taken the nail pierced hand of the King’s Son have access to His throne

3. Glorious Hope of being with God (v. 2b). "Peace with God" takes care of the past, as He will no longer hold our sins against us. "Access to Go" takes care of the present, as we can come to Him at any time for the help we need. "Hope of the glory of God" takes care of the future, as one day we will share in His glory in heaven.

Paul goes on to show:

1. How maturity is displayed by us (v. 3). To glory in tribulations is a real sign of maturity.

2. How maturity is developed in us (verses 3b-5a). As tribulation worketh patience; and patience, experience; hope; and hope maketh us not ashamed."

3. How maturity is determined for us (v. 5b). Here we have the first mention of the Holy Spirit in this epistle. God’s purpose of the Holy Spirit is to give full assurance of our salvation.


I need to take time to thank God for the three blessings of justification listed above.

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