Summary: 2 of 8. Paul admonished the Corinthian Church regarding his apostolic ministry. The church must regard apostles those who are fools for Christ! But How/When are these Justified? Fools for Christ are justified thru their...

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JUSTIFIED FOOLS For CHRIST-II—1Corinthians 4:1-21


Back in the day, before I had accepted Christ & before the days of digitized anything—1975—I had a Foghat[the name of a rock band] album that pictured a young long-haired, bushy mustached, bereted man(the drummer for the band) in his twenties, sitting on an upturned coke crate. He’s facing an uncovered manhole in the middle of East 11th Street in New York City. At his feet are a drink & a short hand-dip-net for scooping up fish. The man has a fishing rod in his hand extended to the manhole, with its line disappearing into the manhole. He’s got his hand on the line feeling for a bite. On the back of the album there are 7 more people(remainder of the band members + others) standing behind the ‘sewer fisherman.’ These ‘rubberneckers’ are in various stages of amusement, interest, discussion & wonder as to the success the fisherman.

**The title of the album?.....‘Fool For The City’**

Even though fishing is not meant for the sewer & goes against every fiber of anyone who really fishes, the ‘Fool for the City’ does not hesitate to fish there supposing that there is nothing outside city life that could possibly be better!

‘Fools for Christ’ are such because they know from experience with certainty, that there really is nothing worthwhile outside of Christ—Who actually touches all things including ‘the city’!

Paul admonished the Corinthian Church regarding his apostolic ministry.

The church must regard apostolic authority those who are fools for Christ!

How/When are Fools for Christ Justified?

11 justifiers regarding Fools for Christ.

We discovered last time that

Fools for Christ are justified thru their...


2—Fools for Christ are justified thru their...



:2—“Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”

Generally, a “steward” of anything must minimally be “faithful”/trustworthy, otherwise he is not a steward! Thus, if all of God’s stewards are not exhibiting faithfulness to God, then they are not fit as “stewards.” Likewise the universal Church is only the Church if it is “faithful” to God’s “stewards,” the apostolic teaching.

“Moreover/In this case, moreover/Now/But as to the rest”—loipon—Adverbial Noun—1) Remaining, the rest—1a) Hereafter, for the future, henceforth, 1b) At last, already, 1c) For the rest, besides, moreover. Strong—Something remaining(adverbially).

“Required/Expected”—zhtew—1) To seek in order to find—1a) To seek a thing, 1b) To seek [in order to find out] by thinking, meditating, reasoning, to enquire into, 1c) To seek after, seek for, aim at, strive after; 2) To seek i.e. require, demand—2a) To crave, demand something from someone. Strong—of uncertain affinity; To seek (literally or figuratively); specially, by Hebraism--To worship (God), or in a bad sense--To plot(against life).

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