Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series


How to live in victory.

1. Pin the devil against God. (Jude 9)

2. Stay in position in God. (II Sam 23.9-12)

3. Keep on and use your weapons everyday. (I John 5.4,5; John 16.33; Matt 4.1-11; Eph 6.10-18)

You are anointed of God not only to preach the Gospel to the poor (Luke 4.18,19) but to annihilate the works of the devil (I John 3.8). When there is faith as small as a mustard seed (Matt 17.20, 21.21,22, Mark 11.24-24) you can move mountains and giants out of your way. We have been equipped with Holy Ghost, resurrection power to tread upon serpents and upon scorpions and to crush the enemy (Luke 10.19). The devil must flee when we resist him by delighting ourselves in God (James 4.7). A song that was composed by and song at World Harvest explains best: "You gotta praise your way to victory. Make a joyful noise that stills the enemy. You gotta praise your way to victory. Shout at the walls and watch them fall down at your feet. No matter what it looks like or what might stand in your way. Open your mouth right now! Give Him the praise."

If only we have a better understanding of what God has given to us! There will be countless millions saved, healed, delivered, and set free!! This Holy Ghost power that rested within our vessels. That healing, resurrection power. The power to heal, to saved, to redeem, to deliver, to set free, to sanctify, to utterly destroy the works of the enemy, to shake stuff off into the fire (like Paul in Acts 28).

"Revival is coming to our land. It's moving like a hurricane. Revival is coming to our shore. Get ready for the moving of the Spirit of the Lord", based on a song by Carman. Revival is here in our land and the Holy Spirit is moving NOW in our midst, setting ablazed churches all across the country and adding thousands upon thousands daily to the Church. Men and women are being raised up, full of faith and full of the Holy Ghost (Matt 5.12, Luke 12.11,12, Acts 2.1-4, 4.8,17,31,6.3,8.17,9.17,13.9,52). Another song goes like "I'm running from my life. I'm running from my life. I'm running from my life. I'm running from my life. If anybody asks you what's the matter with me, tell them I'm saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, fire-baptized. I got Jesus on my side (and I know He'll make everything right) and I'm running from my life." That's me and that's you! Why? For God has called those who call upon His name richly blessed with all that we need and sometimes want and richly anointed in the Holy Ghost daily to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and live a consistent, daily, victorious life.

Note: I have the call of God to serve Him as an evangelist and pastor. Please pray for me as God continues to prepare and train me for ministry and worldwide revival in our land and around the world.

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