Summary: Ways that we can stay on track in our spiritual walk, especially by building a closer relationship with Christ

For the last couple of Sundays I have talked about getting back on track in our lives in order to win this race that we are in. And to do that first we had to figure out where we got off track in the first place and then once we adjusted our course and began moving in the right direction we should forget about our past and focus on the prize that is before us all the while continually moving forward.

So, now that we are on track and moving forward how do we keep it between the ditches? You may think that staying on track and keeping our eyes on the prize is simple enough but it’s not near as easy as it sounds.

Think about it this way (give an illustration of driving down the road and what happens when we only look away for a second)

The way is narrow and believe me when I tell you it is full of distractions designed to get you off course and even get you in a ditch. Our scripture today tells us that many will not find the gate; they will be distracted, they will get in a ditch and not be able to get out, many folks will let the distractions of the devil lead them down a path of destruction and they will never get back on course.

So how do we avoid these distractions and pitfalls? Well, since you asked I’m gonna tell ya.

Don’t put your trust in yourself. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

We must realize that we aren’t on this narrow road alone we have someone with us. You know all of us have seen that bumper sticker that says God is my co- pilot, well I don’t want God to be my co-pilot, did you hear what I said I don’t want God to be my co-pilot, I want God to be flying my plane, I want God to be driving my car, I want God to be in control of my life. Brothers and Sisters do you get what I am saying? I want God to be my Pilot, I want the Holy Spirit to guide every footstep, every thought and every action.

You see we can’t depend on self, the devil will throw out some distractions that on our own are impossible to resist. The enemy will rely on our weaknesses to distract us and pull us off course. You know what else? He will make it look good. It will be flashy and bright, most times it may not be anything we think is too bad, it will be just something small. Then a little later he’ll add a little something else, and a little something else and then all of the sudden you’ll run off the road and plow into a tree of despair and want know when or where you got so far off track. The devil makes the wide road seem easy and it’s full of flashy signs and things that attract us, don’t fall victim to his distractions. Let the spirit be your guide, friends if you want to keep it between the ditches you have got to quit trying to do it by yourself and let God take the wheel. We must want Gods will for our life more than we want our own will.

If we want God to lead , guide and direct us, if we want God to pilot our ship as we move forward into that final destination that has been placed before us we must have a personal relationship with Jesus. Think for a moment about the story of Mary and Martha. These two sisters seemed to have two different mindsets about Jesus. Martha was busy cooking and cleaning, basically being a good hostess and Mary sat captivated at the feet of Jesus. Soaking up every word that came forth, concentrating and focused on Christ and Christ alone. Remember what Jesus said when Martha complained? Martha, Martha you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for which Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken from her. Martha was distracted but Mary was focused on Christ, she was building a relationship with Christ.

You see when we get on track and begin moving forward we need to remain focused so that we don’t veer off path and to do that we need a relationship with Christ. Now I’m not talking about having an acquaintance with Him, I’m talking about an ongoing thriving intimate relationship with our savior. Walking with Him, Talking with Him, depending on Him and growing even closer to Him.

Friends if we want to keep it between the ditches we must learn to let God be our pilot.

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