Summary: To run the race, your eyes must remain on the prize.

Keeping Your Eyes On Christ

Hebrews 12:1-3

I. The testimony of those who have gone before us should be an encouragement to us in

our journey of life

- We learn by the actions, victories and mistakes of others

- Biblically (Heroes of the faith)

- In our own lives (family, friends)

- We must always be aware that our lives will be testimony to others.

- Our testimony should be point to God

- What legacy will you leave?

II. We must put off those things that are a hinderance

A. If sin is hindering you seek God’s provision

B. God will give you the strength to “let go” of our sin

- Sin cannot just “latch” on to you, you have to pick it up

III. You have to make up your mind as to how you will race

A. Each day is a decision

B. You don’t get stronger without repetition

C. You don’t learn without coaching

D. You don’t gain support without fellowship

E. You must decide to persevere even when it hurts

IV. Remain focused on Jesus

A. When you lose sight of the mark, you lose sight of the goal

B. Distactions will cause you to lose your footing

C. The grassy sidelines may look nice for a moment, but they pale in comparison

to reaching the finish line.

D. Because Jesus leads, He is on the course with us

E. Jesus went to the cross, because He never lost sight of you or me

F. Keeping Jesus on your mind at all times so that you don’t get discouraged

G. Keep Him near.....He will draw you closer if you let Him.

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