Summary: Some say "Kids will be kids" meaning that if you just leave them alone, they’ll turn out okay. But the writer of Proverbs disagreed. Do you know why?

James Dobson tells of a 10 year old boy named Robert who was an absolute terror. Whenever his mother went to the doctor, he would literally attack the office, grabbing instruments and files and telephones. All the while his passive mother could do little more than shake her head in bewilderment.

During one examination, his pediatrician found severe cavities in Robert’s teeth and knew that the boy must be referred to a local dentist. But he was reluctant to this boy on anyone he knew. Eventually decided to send him to an older dentist who reportedly understood children. The confrontation that followed now stands as one of the classic moments in the history of human conflict.

Robert arrived in the dental office, prepared for battle.

"Get in the chair, young man," said the doctor.

"No chance!" replied the boy.

"Son, I told you to climb onto the chair, and that’s what I intend for you to do," said the dentist.

Robert stared at his opponent for a moment and then replied, "If you make me get in that chair, I will take off all my clothes."

The dentist calmly said: "Son, take ’em off."

The boy forthwith removed his shirt, undershirt, shoes, & socks, & then looked up in defiance.

"All right, son," said the dentist. "Now get on the chair."

"You didn’t hear me," sputtered Robert. "I said if you make me get on that chair, I will take off all my clothes."

"Son, take ’em off," replied the man.

Robert proceeded to remove his pants, and shorts, finally standing totally naked before the dentist and his assistant.

"Now, son, get in the chair," said the doctor.

Robert did as he was told, and sat cooperatively through the entire procedure. When the cavities were drilled and filled, he was instructed to step from the chair.

"Give me my clothes now," said the boy.

"I’m sorry," replied the dentist. "Tell your mother that we’re going to keep your clothes tonight. She can pick them up tomorrow."

Imagine the shock Robert’s mother received when the door to the waiting room opened, and there stood her son, as naked as the day he was born. The room was filled with patients, but Robert and his mom walked past them and into the hall. They went down a public elevator and into the parking lot, ignoring the snickers of onlookers.

The next day, Robert’s mother returned to retrieve his clothes, and asked to have a word with the dentist. However, she did not come to protest. These were her sentiments:

"You don’t know how much I appreciate what happened here yesterday. You see, Robert has been blackmailing me about his clothes for years. Whenever we are in a public place, such as a grocery store, he makes unreasonable demands on me. If I don’t immediately buy him what he wants, he threatens to take off all his clothes. You are the first person who has called his bluff, doctor, and the impact on Robert has been incredible." (James Dobson, Straight Talk To Men and Their Wives)

APPLY: There’s an saying: boys will be boys. Kids will be kids. What does that mean?

It means that when someone says that, they don’t believe they have any reason to worry about how the kids will turn out… because kids will always be kids.

Now, that seems logical… but it’s not.

Thru-out Proverbs parents are repeatedly warned that children left to their own can become monsters

Proverbs 15:5 “A fool spurns his father’s discipline, but whoever heeds correction shows prudence.”

Proverbs 15:20 “A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish man despises his mother.”

Proverbs 17:25 “A foolish son brings grief to his father and bitterness to the one who bore him.”

Proverbs 29:15 “The rod of correction imparts wisdom, but a child left to himself disgraces his mother.”

The message is clear: A child left to their own devises, without correction, can become a monster.

The Bible is filled with stories of kids that didn’t turn out too well.

· There’s Cain and Abel, where Cain killed his brother out of envy and bitterness

· There’s the story of Esau and Jacob, where Jacob stole and cheated his brother.

· One of my favorite stories in the Bible starts out telling about how Joseph was so hated by his brothers that they get him alone, beat the tar out of him, throw him in a pit, and then sell him into slavery.

And if you look closely at the parents in these stories, you’ll find that they often failed to be proper parents.

ILLUS: Stories like that remind of the one about the 2 sisters who’d spent the day fighting. When it come time for bed, they still mad at each other. But as usual, they knelt beside their beds for their prayers.

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