Summary: An exploded look at the Kingdom of God. God is our King and His reign is eternal.

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1. What Do You Really Want God?

- You don't Want Sacrifice and Offering Psalm 40:5

- Hebrews 10:5ff - I have come to do your will!

- What is Your will? - What are you doing?

- Complete Surrender - worshiping Him Wholly.

2. The Kingdom Defined:

- What is a Kingdom?

- Exodus 15:18

- 1 Samuel 12 - we want a King!

- We live in a world of Kingship - our kings are our kings if we like them.

3. The Kingdom Theme (Matthew's Kingdom Statements)

- Our King wants us to hear the good news of His Kingdom

- The Glorious Throne of God

4. We are Part of the Kingdom of God and God is our King!!!!

- S M Lockridge Video

- Our King is...

- In Him we live and move and have our being.

- God the King calls everyone to His throne.

- The Bigger Meaning of Kingdom.

5. It's Bigger than us!

- God's Rule is complete and total...

- His authority never ends

- God has exploded the doors of the Kingdom

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