Summary: When men know and understand the Kingdom of God they become a mighty and powerful force in the world - they become The Father Force!


TEXT: Malachi 4:5-6; Acts 6:5 – 8



1. God has called and is calling fathers and men from the church, into the community and into our homes! However, before we can become the kind of man that God is looking for and is looking to bless…we need to realize that just being a male does not qualify us for the blessings of God! It takes more than merely wearing pants with the zipper in the front and carrying your wallet in your hip pocket and being able to impregnate a female for you to become a man that God will bless!

2. The church today is growing in the number of churchmen…but God is calling for kingdom men. Listen there is a growing number of men entering the doors of the church but many men are in the church suffering from what is called the “loser’s limp.” You understand…the loser’s limp is what happens when a ball player is suppose to catch the pass that is thrown in his direction and because he misjudges the ball and missed the pass and he don’t want anyone to know that he blew it because of his own mistake, he falls down and gets up limping. It’s when the runner is going to get beat in the 100 meters or the 200 meters and see that even though he should be winning because he is favorite to win…he is getting dusted so he comes up limping with a sudden muscle pull or cramp. A loser’s limp is a way of camouflaging failure. And saints of God, we have far too many of us Christian men who are camouflaging our failure to be men of the kingdom! We give excuses. “If it were not for the way I was raised,” or “Well, my father left my mother,” or “Everybody else was doing it so…” or “If it weren’t for this woman I got.” But the fact is whatever a man’s excuses may be for failing to fulfill his agenda in God’s Kingdom, he still does not get the job done!

3. Now you need to understand, that this message is not a “player –

hating message. I come to help and to encourage Christian men to be all that God has called them to be and to live out their kingdom destiny with the faith, the power and the grace of God. I come to confront and challenge Christian men in the church to live up to their calling and destiny. God’s kingdom is desperately short of Kingdom minded men. And thank God for those Para-church groups, which are calling men to faithfulness to Christ, to family and to the church.

But the fact remains that far too many men are missing in action. 41% of all American children will go to bed without a father in the home to pray with them or to tuck them in. In the African-American community and in the Hispanic community, that figure rises to almost 65%; and by the year 2010 it is estimated that this number could climb to approximately 70%.

We must understand that throughout the Bible, whenever Satan wanted to destroy a civilization and attempt to stop the plan of God’s Kingdom, he went after the male seed. Sodom and Gomorrah perished because Satan perverted the men to lust after other men, rather than to love, cherish and marry women. In Egypt, Pharaoh wanted to kill the male Hebrew children in the time of Moses, and then there was Herod who wanted to destroy all the male children hoping to kill the “One who was born King of the Jews,” the Christ child.

Our challenge is that just like the weather was the other day foggy…there is a spiritual fog that has descended over so many men today. It is said that six city blocks worth of fog contains no more than approximately one glass of water. In other words fog is a lot of smoke but little substance. And that describes the situation we are facing in the church today…when it comes to Kingdom men. But it does not have to be that way. God has an exciting, challenging and fulfilling Kingdom Agenda for His men and I want us to do more than consider it – I want us to start walking in it and living it out in our daily lives.





God is seeking kingdom men, and a Kingdom man is one who sees God’s vision for his life in the Kingdom, takes on God’s virtues and values and as a result experiences Kingdom Victory! Listen God is not hiding His will from men. God is always looking for men whose hearts are faithful toward Him. The prophet Samuel told King Saul in 1 Samuel 13:14, “The Lord has sought out for Himself a man after His own heart.” In the days of Jeremiah the weeping prophet his cry was that “There was no man who could be found faithful to the Lord.” God told Jeremiah to roam through the streets of Jerusalem and find just one man, “Who does justice, who seeks truth.”

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