Summary: Revival is not a just country wide type outpouring, it starts with us with our hearts with turning to Jesus and asking and allowing him and him alone to be Lord over our all, then we will recive the kiss of heaven as rightness with God and faithfullness m


Some times life can just be a grind a dullness

Boredom or even something beyond that a sort of slow death while still breathing as we lose sensitivities to others, to ourselves and just start losing the point of it all, want to be alone apart separate. To me this is deeply depressing and it is a sign of our times but the more technology we seem to have to “communicate” the more isolated we can become. Rather than face to face communication it is easier and for many more comfortable to communicate using a keyboard and a web cam, strange but true it seems we are losing something in these times of greater information sharing. You see I do feel we are losing more than we are gaining. losing the things perhaps this world does not value. Things like awe or to be impressed strongly by what is unexpected or unusual but we seem to like our lives controlled and defined and planned and no room for the unexpected, no need for the unusual, like just what value are those things?

Then for me the real cancer at the centre of humanity is a desert of intimacy a place were self rules, a place centred on me. The definition for intimacy is the condition of being friends, basically friendship its related to closeness, companionship, comradeship, fellowship and family its about close relationship, being open to another taking the guard off your heart and letting another in. We are created to be intimate beings not solitary self centred souls. We grave relationship even if we might not acknowledge that need, its there deep and at our core and the more we push it away the greater the need the more pressure builds up waiting to explode. You see God made us in his image and God is the ultimate expression of relationship Father, Son and Sprit existing and living in perfect harmony, perfect intimacy the very heart of the universe the heart of creation is Gods heart and it is one of love and a need to be intimate in close relationship with his creation. So if you are feeling lost, lonely, un loved, not needed, rejected, forgotten and in a dark hole of self loathing and fear take heart because you are about to hear some good news! In fact I’ll tell you now God loves you, its true he does and he wants an intimate relationship with you and every aspect of your life matters to God, every part.

1 You showed favor to your land, O LORD; you restored the fortunes of Jacob. 2 You forgave the iniquity of your people and covered all their sins:

The old testament is full of the stories of Gods chosen nation Israel his chosen people the Jewish nation and their relationship with their God. How God would bless them and seek them, how they would reject him and turn from him and defile their relationship with him seeking other gods even ones made by themselves. But time and time again, God held back his anger, resorted the nation again to a place of prosperity of health and well being after the people had turned, repented asked forgiveness for their sins and the things they had done against God. God is a compassionate God, his heart is love, yet even love can at times be brought to the point were it can bear it no more. Have you ever stopped to think to meditate on the thought that as God was creating all things, including You and Me, he knew what he was doing, knew what he was bringing into existence, take me for example. When God created me, he knew all of the times I would “stuff up” all of the things I would do wrong all of the people I would hurt, all of the pain I would cause all of the iniquity, immorality, offence, greed, wickedness and wrongdoing I could and would do, yet still chose to let me breath and brought me forth from the dust. Only an almighty, loving and intimate God would do that, anything less and you and I would be at best robots, no emotion, no free will, no capacity to love. You see these are the sources of the things that God treasures is seeking, the things in me and in you that give us the capacity to love, to be intimate and to have relationship and God wants that from his children, from his created ones. That’s why we can chose to do so or not, because when we chose to do so it’s a sign of our love for God. God sees the good in us the capacity for love and relationship which we might not or never know its fullness, that’s why he will forgive and cover the sins and wash away the iniquity of it all, stench that it is to him, because he loves us. If he did not, who could stand?

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