Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Prayer of Jesus

JOHN 17: 1 – 5 (Part 1)


IF YOUR BIBLE - has words of Christ in red, you see a lot of red here

- the whole chapter is spoken by Christ

- spoken by Him in prayer

THIS IS - a prayer often confused with Matthew 6

- The prayer in Matthew 6 is actually the Model Prayer

- It was offered as a lesson on how we should pray…a model

- It has often been called the Lord’s prayer… IT IS NOT !

JOHN 17 - Is the Lord’s Prayer…

Even More Appropriately called

“The High Priestly Prayer”, OR

“Prayer Of The Great High Priest”

- The chapter has (3) clear divisions…

• V 1-5, Jesus prays for Himself

• V 6-19, Jesus prays for His Apostles

• V 20-26, Jesus prays for future believers

IN EXODUS - we know the scene of Moses approaching Burning Bush

- told to remove his shoes, that he is standing on Holy Ground

DAY OF ATONEMENT - High Priest went into Holy of Holies

- In John 17; we are standing in the Holy of Holies

DESCRIBE… Supper is over; goes to garden; Peter,

James & John; Before they nap, they here

the Son speaking to the Father

As Jesus prayers for Himself…there are (2) Elements To That Prayer


* you are familiar with Gethsemene, as Jesus accepts the Cup

* This is how we can describe the cross and the cup

A) It’s Shame – V 1

1)It started in Genesis –

a)Adam & Eve


c)Mentioned by Jesus His entire ministry – My Hour Has Not Come

2)satan made every effort to stop it

Adam & Eve; Works Vs Grace

Abraham; Ishmael Vs Isaac

Elemilech; Ruth & Naomi

3)His hour of suffering and Shame is here…

Shame & Humiliation, Criminal

B)It’s Symbol – V 2

1)1st, it is a display of the wages of sin defeated

We will not face anything he has not defeated

2)2nd, it is a visual display of God’ Love

, NOT verbal But visible

C)It’s Salvation - V 3

1)Unless Christ accepts the Cross –

a)all we know is hopelessness

b)we are condemned to agony and eternal death and torment

2)Since Jesus accepted His Cross –

a)we enjoy the gift of eternal Life

b)we enjoy the personal knowledge of God

* Christ suffered through it all for you and me

D)It’s Sufficiency - V 4

1)It was the command of God –

a)God sent forth Jesus

b)Jesus accepted His assignment to…

leave the glory of Heaven,

Inhabit the frame of a man

Become familiar with our hurts,

Die on the Cross

2)Because it was the command of God –

makes it a sufficient Offering

a)Previous…animals to satisfy God’s wrath on sin

b) Cross…”It Is Finished” ***The Veil

* ENTIRE Earthly Ministry for This


* there are times when the results make the pain bearable

ILLUS: surgery for Appendicitis

* the Crown Christ Anticipates has (2) Characteristics

A)It Is The Crown Of God - V 4

1)to wear this crown Christ Glorified God,

God glorified Christ

2)this took place when –

a)Father sustained the Son in suffering

b)Father accepted the Son’s sacrifice as sufficient

c)Father Eternally Resurrected the Son

3)Only God can sit on the Throne

B)It Is The Crown Of Glory - V 5

* Talking about something NOT of this world

1)those who have seen this glory

a)Moses , on mountain

b)Paul, road to Damascus

c)Disciples, mount of transfiguration

d)John, Revelation 1

2)This is the Shekinah Glory that exist in the Holy of Holies

* This very moment Christ enjoys that Glory

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