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Summary: We are divided into "Have Knots" and "Have Nots". Knot-tied or single, there are relationship principles we must know.


Pt. 2 - Knot Work

We talked about how our relationship status is the number 1 way of categorizing people in our society. We are either a "have knot" or "have no knot". Relationships are one of the most important and most impacting aspects of our lives. I have witnessed relationships bring the best and the worst out in people. I have witnessed relationships producing the greatest blessing and watched as people blossomed due to relationships. I have also seen relationships produce more pain than drugs, bankruptcy or sickness combined. In order for us to survive relationships we must learn to navigate knots. So last week we talked very directly to those with no knots. I told you that it is essential to get God involved early in the selection process. Otherwise you will then have to ask Him to perfect what He didn't select. I told you that you that if you want to have a garden experience, then you can't bring someone into your garden from the swamp. Good seed doesn't turn bad soil into good soil. Soil usually influences seed not vice versa. And finally I told you that you need to know who you are and you shouldn't mess with anyone who doesn't know who they are. They will suck the purpose out of you if they don't know who they are!

So let's go one step further today and tie into those with knots.

Let me stop for a second and let you in on a secret . . . the enemy WANTS your marriage . . . he’s convinced the single people that marriage will solve all their problems and convinced the married people that divorce will solve all their problems! He keys on knots because it is about covering. It is about scattering. He knows that knots are the number one thing he can leverage to destroy us. He can use a knot to distract and a weak knot to devastate. He knows that if he can destroy the home he can destroy the seed!

So, if we can recognize his method of attack, then we should be extremely aware that just as much as God is involved in putting us together the enemy is involved in trying to separate us! Oh, some of you missed that . . . God was involved in putting you together! I know your best friend, great aunt, sister played match maker and set you up but God was involved! Behind the scenes, with brush in hand God was painting you into a relationship! You thought you chose your mate but according to Matthew God was involved.

Matthew 19:6 Because God created this organic union of the two sexes, no one should desecrate his art by cutting them apart.

They are no longer two, but one. So a man must not separate what God has joined together."

So God was involved even if you didn't know it! We think that we orchestrated and planned the marriage. So since we are responsible we can let the work go to waste. However, what God has put together. You didn't do the work! You are enjoying the work of his hands.

So let me take you to a passage of Scripture that I believe shows us some positive things about preknot but also speaks to what we must do to keep our knot tied!

Genesis 29:14-30

Laban said, “You’re family! My flesh and blood! ”When Jacob had been with him for a month, Laban said, “Just because you’re my nephew, you shouldn’t work for me for nothing. Tell me what you want to be paid. What’s a fair wage?” Now Laban had two daughters; Leah was the older and Rachel the younger. Leah had nice eyes, but Rachel was stunningly beautiful. And it was Rachel that Jacob loved. So Jacob answered, “I will work for you seven years for your younger daughter Rachel.” “It is far better,” said Laban, “that I give her to you than marry her to some outsider. Yes. Stay here with me.” So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel. But it only seemed like a few days, he loved her so much. Then Jacob said to Laban, “Give me my wife; I’ve completed what we agreed I’d do. I’m ready to consummate my marriage.” Laban invited everyone around and threw a big feast. At evening, though, he got his daughter Leah and brought her to the marriage bed, and Jacob slept with her. Laban gave his maid Zilpah to his daughter Leah as her maid. Morning came: There was Leah in the marriage bed! Jacob confronted Laban, “What have you done to me? Didn’t I work all this time for the hand of Rachel? Why did you cheat me?” “We don’t do it that way in our country,” said Laban. “We don’t marry off the younger daughter before the older. Enjoy your week of honeymoon, and then we’ll give you the other one also. But it will cost you another seven years of work.” Jacob agreed. When he’d completed the honeymoon week, Laban gave him his daughter Rachel to be his wife. Laban gave his maid Bilhah to his daughter Rachel as her maid. Jacob then slept with her. And he loved Rachel more than Leah. He worked for Laban another seven years.

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