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Summary: As imitators of Jesus Christ, we too are to know what to do for God, go, do what God says and tell people the truth in love!

Last week from Luke 13 we noted that Jesus responded to persecution by actually just continuing the work He was called to do by God. Maybe this is where we got the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”

In our passage today, we will note the confidence of Jesus Christ with His work. Jesus always had His “game face” on for God; well, He is God! But all of us are created in the image of God; sin of course has marred this image, but as Christians we are empowered now and called to be more and more like Jesus Christ! How is our “game face” for God on a daily basis?

How confident are we with our work for God?

Do we know the work God has called us to do, especially when we go somewhere? I believe our passage for today will answer these two important questions for us.

Most of you know by now that I like acronyms; although I still mess up with what LOL means.

The acronym for us today is K-G-D-T. Stay alert; otherwise you might miss what they mean!

Of course we need to base everything on God’s Perfect Word; please grab a Bible and be ready to learn from Luke 14. Again, before reading our text, let us pray our commitment to the Bible.....

Read along with me now Luke 14 verses 1-6…..

We note in verse 1 that Jesus was invited to celebrate the Sabbath; but He was being watched. The original Greek word for watching here is paratéreó, which actually means to be scrupulously watched. There were people who did not like Jesus and so they looked for opportunities to trip Him up. The Sabbath Day was a perfect day to trap Jesus.

The Sabbath Day was to be holy. Three meals were to be celebrated on the Sabbath Day but there were things you could not do that day.

A prominent Pharisee invited Jesus to celebrate the Sabbath with other Pharisees. Remember that the Pharisees were Jewish Religious Leaders who influenced society. The Pharisees scrupulously watched Jesus but in verse 2 we note that Jesus tested the Pharisees.

What does this all tell us?

Jesus knew He was being watched to trap Him but Jesus went anyway!

Why would He do that? Why did Jesus go? Yes Jesus healed a person but then Jesus just sent him on his way. The passage was not about healing or the Sabbath; Jesus went to teach a lesson! The Pharisees used the Sabbath to trap Jesus but Jesus used the Sabbath to teach the Pharisees.

Jesus knew what He needed to do (in this story Jesus knew He had to teach), so He went. And this is what the first 2 letters of our acronym is for. If we are to follow Jesus Christ our Lord, then we too must Know and Go!

Now, which is harder, knowing what to do or going??

Most of the time we just go don’t we? There have been many times, I get into my car and drive then all of a sudden I realize I’m going the wrong way! Yes I’m getting old but a lot of time we go without thinking! We are always on the go aren’t we? Just think of all the places you went to last week; work, school, restaurant, grocery, shopping mall, relatives, friends, theaters, concerts, and so on and so on…. And we are always getting invited here and there aren’t we? Our problem is not going but knowing what to do for God wherever we go.

Now of course Jesus knew with confidence what to do because He is God and so He went. How can we be confident in knowing what to do for God wherever we go? Here’s what we read from Psalm 19: Your law, LORD, is perfect, reviving the soul; Your testimony, LORD, is sure, making wise the simple; Your precepts, LORD, are right, rejoicing the heart; Your commandment, LORD, is pure, enlightening the eyes. Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

Jesus of course is God and He is God’s Word; and so, Jesus always knew what to do wherever He went. As Followers of Jesus Christ, this is an important principle we must live by. It’s not an easy one because we are impatient people. But God wants us to know how to live! We are to know how we are to live based on God’s Word before we go anywhere!

Yes Jesus came to this earth to seek and save the lost; But in general, Jesus was called by God to teach people about the Kingdom of God. Again, as Christians we are to imitate Jesus Christ. And so as Christians, we too are called by God to teach people about the Kingdom of God, which is through Christ alone! And how can we have the confidence to teach? What are we to know before we go? Before we go anywhere and have confidence in life, we must know Jesus Christ and His Word!

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