Summary: If we are to have a successful relationship with God, we must spend time getting to know him.

Matthew 5:13-16 Salt and Light Witnessing

There are two things that we value that seem so small but are part of our survival. We either complain because we have too much of these two things or we want more of them.

One is hardly seen. Yet if you have too little of it you can taste the difference. If we have too much of it it can ruin our food.

The other is visible. It is needed during the night or when it is dark. Yet if we have too much of it it will make you say “turn it off”. Yet too little of it will make you feel unsafe.

What I am talking about today is Salt and Light. One works as it comes into contact with the food and the other is turned on.

Jesus said you are the Salt and Light.

In the first twelve verses of Matthew 5 in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we find the beatitudes. These are related to us in blessings. “Blessed are the poor in spirit…”, “Blessed are those who mourn…”, “Blessed are the meek.” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness.” These are descriptions of the character that Christians must have. But from verse 13 on, we are told how we must function in the world as the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus says you are the Salt of the earth and You are the Light of the world.

Each and every one of us should lead a lifestyle that brings glory and honor to God. We ought to let the world know, for God I’ll live and for God, I’ll surely die. Jesus said if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. We ought to lift the saviour up. Until he speaks from eternity.

John the Baptist proclaimed that we should “Bear Fruits Worthy of Repentance.” In other words we ought to be thankful for the least mercy, patient under the greatest affliction. We ought to be watchful against all appearances of sin and to be charitable in judging others.

Those that profess to be born again ought not to be found guilty of doing anything that is unbecoming a repentant sinner.

In other words we ought to walk like a Child of God. We ought to talk like a Child of God, we ought to live like a Child of God.

And the reason we ought to reflect Christ in our lives, is because somebody is watching you. We need to be the “Salt and Light” in this old sinful world. The bible says that we are the salt of the earth, a city that sits on a hill that cannot be hid. Have you ever thought about what it means to be the Salt and Light?

When you eat salt what happens? You get thirsty. You desire something to drink. Salt is used for seasoning our food. Who likes to eat food without salt? Even though salt is so small and yet hardly noticeable it makes a difference when applied to the substances. When the world sees us and they get a taste of the Christian life, they ought to get thirsty. They should be left with a desire for a taste for the Christian lifestyle. You ought to let others see Jesus in you. They should desire for something to drink and that is the Living Water of Jesus Christ. The doctrine of the gospel is as salt. It is penetrating, quick and powerful. It reaches the heart. Without salt, human life cannot be sustained. In order for our lives to be a living sacrifice for Christ they must be preserved and seasoned with the righteousness of Christ.

Salt changes things. A little Salt can flavor a big pot of beans. It only takes a little salt to flavor a whole church. It only takes a little salt to flavor a whole community. It only takes a little salt to flavor a whole neighborhood or a whole workplace. IJSB that salt is no good if it never leaves the salt shaker. It is only a decoration to the kitchen table.

You ever thought about Light? Light is described as a form of energy. It is always moving. Light drives out darkness. When we are that light on a mountaintop, everyone can see us and our example and through us they can see Jesus in us. We are not to hide our light.

People are living in fear because of what is happening in the world. There is Wars and rumors of wars. There are earthquakes in divers places. There is confusion and destruction all over the land. We have an opportunity to shine the light so that people will not be afraid.

The bible says that we ought to let our light so shine so that men can see our good works and glorify God which is in heaven. So often we want to preach the Word rather than live the Word. BIJS that we ought to want to live it before we try to preach it.

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