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Summary: This exposition of a familiar passage deals with the wholeness our Lord offers to all of us who are diseased and hurting.

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AUGUST 15, 2004 Jay Robison MARK 5:25-34

I have researched Sermon Central as well as other resources in preparation of this message. I want to acknowledge Joel Smith’s contribution on this passage.

What are your handicaps, limitations, hang-ups?

May haunt you daily or periodically, new or old condition

Maybe physical pain or something don’t like about your body Some of us struggle w\emotional and psychological disorders like depression, fear, worry or various forms of neurosis. Or weaknesses are spiritual arena. You’re plagued by doubt. Or there’s a nasty temptation you keep yielding to.

May be new problem or one you’ve had all of life

Today we will focus on those handicaps, limitations, hang-ups

Learn how to find Jesus’ healing from unnamed lady in Mk 5

Jesus asked to heal gravely ill daughter of synagogue leader

His growing popularity so crowd pressed on him

There, a woman touches Jesus we don’t even know her name God’s way of inviting all of us who are hurting to his side

I am convinced God wants to give us wholeness

God knows about limits, barriers, hurts of your life & mine

Invites us to wholeness, learn from this lady


Mark tells us all we know about this lady, no name

But this Vs 26 NCV She had suffered very much from many doctors & had spent all the money she had, but instead of improving, she was getting worse.

Unpack that a little bit, Mark tells us a mouthful

This lady had problems!


Commentators believe some kind of uterine bleeding

Visiting lady in last church who had hysterectomy knew as a man I couldn’t relate delicate to ask about she said

I’ve been bleeding for yrs just wanted get that out of there

Suffice it to say blood is a personal thing

My blood is very personal to me lady lost blood 12 yrs


Medical care was not as available to masses in that day

Usually only the rich could afford to see Dr.

Mark says this lady spend all $$ she had on Drs

And she not only did not get better but worse

She was at the end of her rope


Lev 15:19–27 goes into great detail women w\blood unclean

Anything she touched unclean If she married, for 12 years she could not touch her husband or her children,

She was forbidden to enter temple for worship


She not allowed to walk in streets where there were people She could not sit on anything, it would be unclean

Nobody dared to visit her she was rejected from society. She had been humiliated because her sickness like leprosy. Woman put out of home not allowed to touch loved ones

No affection or sexual intercourse unclean

Still this woman was desperate for help her.

She would not allow herself to be defined by her difficulties she would not be marked only by her condition

If you ever start defining yourself by your difficulties

Or labels that others give you you’ve been defeated by them. If you make excuses about what you can’t do certain things because of your challenges you’ve been defeated by them. Don’t follow pattern of our culture and label yourself with a disease or dysfunction. If you do, you’ve been defeated.

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