Summary: Admittedly a bit weird...the title of my latest Sermon? Well when some things are not heard if reported gently, then they have to be proclaimed like a herald to draw public attention. WHAT THINGS? Fulfillment of all Biblical Prophecies vis-a-vis imminent

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Dear Church in the First part of my message, you would remember that we had classified the Signs of imminent Church Rapture under the following headings...

1. Natural 2. "Battle Royal" 3. Social 4.Historical 5. International 6.Political 7. Pseudo-Spiritual and 8. Commercial.

of which in the first part of my message we had focussed upon the the first three signs, today we shall reflect on two more Signs beginning with

IV. Historical

When the son of man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day.- Luke 17:26

Now what were the distinctive features’ of the World during Noah’s time…

a) Growth in population

Then the people began to multiply on the earth, and daughters were born to them.-Genesis 6:1

ACTION: Display of pictures of EARTH POPULATION touching the 7 billion mark

Babies …opps sorry…Biblical Prophecies crying for attention…

ACTION: Display pf the Chart above shows the sequence of “End-time” Events

What does this News of population in Planet Earth touching an ALL-TIME HIGH mean to a Bible student, especially to one with an Eschatological mindset?

Not many are in doubt as to the sequence of events after the end of “Grace dispensation” (once the Church is raptured, the Grace period would end). The subsequent Seven year tribulation period would culminate with the II Coming of the Messiah, Armageddon war and establishment of the Millennial reign of Christ, during which all the righteous ones’ of history from Abel onwards along with Christians of pre-rapture period, raptured Christians and martyed Christians of the Tribulation would come back to Earth and rule the World under Christ the God-ordained King (Rev 20:4/ Psalm 2). Quite a huge number, these rulers would constitute!!! While on the subject of “ruling”, mind you these “Rulers” would all “serve” and “minister” in love and the Christ-like spirit embellished in the Scripture “Have come to serve than be served” (Matt 20:28).

ACTION: Display of picture of Christ ruling the World during the Millennium

Some questions here please. Who would enter the Millennium period as subjects to be ruled? Those who accepted Christ as Saviour during the Tribulation period including one-third of Israeli population which was there at the beginning of the Tribulation period (Zech 13:8-9).

Despite many deaths due to different reasons during the Tribulation period of

a) the unrighteous ones, who are cast into hades (Rev 6:7-8/ Rev 9:13-15) and

b) the righteous ones whose spirits would go to be with the Lord to return in glorified bodies to rule (Rev 6:9/ Rev 7:9-15)

a colossal number out of the billions (at the beginning of tribulation) would survive the tribulation and a massive number of them amongst the survivors would be “believers”, who would eventually be ushered into the Millennial era in their human bodies (for more on the Book of Revelation, you may click the following link…

Time to hit the nail on its head! Why there is rapid population growth, AT THIS POINT OF TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY? The answer is simple. The Millennial reign is around the corner. THE RULED (IN HUMAN BODIES) HAVE TO BE MORE THAN THEIR NUMEROUS RULERS/MINISTERS (IN THEIR GLORIFIED BODIES). The fundamental, age-old principle in any Kingdom is that at any time the Rulers are fewer than the ruled. “Half a minute, Preacher”, I can hear a question coming my way. “Do you mean in 6000 years of Creation from Adam onwards, the number of righteous in Heaven are lesser than the “Believers” population which would come out refined at the end of Tribulation?” ABSOLUTELY YES! For from the beginning, the righteous preferring to walk in the “straight and narrow” have always been in minority (Matt 7:13-14). For instance before the Flood (Genesis 5-8) barring Noah and his nucleus family, how many bothered to have a right relationship with the Creator? NONE!!! No, not even Noah’s own sisters and brothers!!! Or for that matter in whole of Sodom and Gomorrah, save Lot and his nucleus family, how many were found worthy of being saved from a fiery catastrophe (Genesis 19:1-21)? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?

While on the subject of Rulers and the ruled, one ought not to forget that Christians would also have a fulfilling responsibility of judging the angels (I Cor 6:3).

Millennium would represent one big, near-utopian community of Rulers and the ruled living with mutual trust and love for one another for a long time (not eternally but for a long, long time). If Millennium is imminent, more imminent is the Church Rapture. Now if that is not Good News with capital “G”, then what is it! Hallelujah! MARANATHA (Rev 22:20)!

b) Growth in Violence

“…the earth was filled with violence.” – Genesis 6:11 (During Noah’s days)

ACTION: Display of pictures

a) terror attacks

b) Shooting at Batman movie opening near Denver, Colorado

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