Summary: When we take into consideration what will transpire in the judgement it certainly is not unreasonable to believe God has recorded, in heaven, the names of those who have been born again and He has also recorded what they have done as disciples.

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Many years ago there was a very small country church that just had a sanctuary and one small class room. For heat there was a coal stove in the basement, and there was an outhouse located along a hedgerow at the edge of the churches property. Physical there was not much to brag about the church, but it was in this old church that many people developed a strong relationship with God.

There is one interesting story relative to that old church. It is a story, which was brought to mind by a lady at the church I now attend. She asked me if I would put together something about the Lamb’s Book of Life. As I sat there contemplating how I would approach her request my mind filled with an image of the old church. More specifically, I could see a church lady standing at the front of the sanctuary, and she was holding a massive book from which she called out names. You see, in that little old country church, so very many years ago, they called role every Sunday.

As I contemplated these things, while sitting in our churches comfortable upholstered pews, I could not help but smile at the thought of how people would react if we were to call role in church today. In my youth it was the norm; and, I can still feel the anxiety of waiting for my name to be called … and the fear that I had forgotten my memory verse. Yep, not only was your name called: you also had to stand up and repeat a bible verse from memory. Of course, there was always good old John 11:35, but you would be stretching your luck if you used it very often. Time sure has changed things; today people seem to prefer a church that expects nothing from them … except maybe some money.

So much for today, we need to return to the little old church, and to my mission to write about the Lamb’s Book of Life. What is interesting about my memory of the lady with her big book is how this scenario not only generated a since of foreboding, but how it also generated a sense of comfort. As a little child I was already somewhat aware of the Lamb’s Book of Life, and for some reason I kind of associated it with the big book from which the lady read our names each week. In my child’s mind, I took a great deal of comfort from knowing my name was written down in that book. Of course there was also the fact that having my name written in that book placed a heavy burden on me … I had to have a memory verse ready each Sunday. Still, when my name was read, and I had prepared a suitable memory verse, I had that glorious feeling of being right with God.

I probably should stop thinking about this and get involved in the service going on around me, but I have a feeling my memory of the lady with the big role book holds the key to my mission. In my young life I was not concerned with any questions about the book. The church lady had the book and my name was in it. I did not care how my name got in the book and I knew my name would not be erased from the book as long as I fulfilled my obligations. From my young perspective, God was glad my name was in the book and God expected me to have a memory verse ready each week … as long as I did my part I had a good relationship with God.

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