Summary: The word of God is a Lamp and the Light. Hold it and walk in it, walk with it. There is joy in doing those things for God. God left his precious word to us. Always we should go with it.

The Lamp and the Light – Psalm. 119:105

Introduction: The Word of God is described in plenty of ways with many symbols and signs. Here the Psalmist describes the WORD of GOD as Lamp and the Light. The lamp is fixed and the light is moving. The word of God is stable as well as a leading light in our paths (Mic.4:2). It’s a teacher (Gal.3:24). It makes the ways of a man a successful one (Ps.1:2-3). Jesus was that Word (Jn.1:1,14,10:9,14:6). He was also the light. Job says that “His light was upon my head” (Job.29:3), the spirit of the Lord is the Light to men (Pr.20:27). What are the ways?

The way of the Lord and its blessings (Ex.33:13)

God’s ways are sweet, pleasant and narrow (Pr.3:17, Mt.7:13-14). His way is an Eternal path (Pr.21:19). His way was known as the way of the Holy One (Is.35:8). His ways are just (Ps.23:3, Pr.8:21, Dan.4:37 & Rev.15:3). His ways are straight (Ps.27:11, Pr.4:11, Hos. 14:9). His ways are blessed and prospering ways (Ps.65:11). His ways are graceful, peaceful, and truthful (Ps.25:10, Pr.3:17, Ex.15:13).

Ways of Men and its failures (Is.55:8, Ezek.18:25,29)

The ways of men are crooked and lead to death (Ps.10:5, Pr.14:12, 16:25). The ways of men are wicked (Ps.17:4, Pr.4:14, Pr.1:15). His ways are full of Serpents and vipers (Gen.49:17). His ways are full of dangers (Job 30:13), and filled with darkness (Pr.4:19).

The word of the Lord warns us not enter into those ways (Pr.4:14). If you have already left those ways, never think of returning again into those roads (Dt.17:16). Those ways are very dangerous and will destroy you in all aspects. Because they are full of destructions and pits (Rm.3:16).

The ways of the friends who are unsaved, who are divided in mind and unstable are wicked. if those ways are not led by the word of God, the lamp or the light of the God.

The ways of the Men of God and success:

Bible also talks about the ways of the saints (Pr.2:8). There is a way of the Just and righteous (Pr.2:20, Pr.4:18). The ways of the leaders, good guides (Phil. 3:17). The prophet Isaiah says that the servants of the Lord just follow the ways of the Lord very blindly (Is.42:16). The saints always follow the olden ways and the right ways (Jere. 6:16).

The ways of the saints are the ways of the Lord one who shoulders us and keeps us under His mighty wings (Deut. 1:31). He carries us. The saintly ways are full of wilderness but with God (Deut.8:2,15) where the Lord went as frontier, and he camped for us (Deut.1:31-32, 32:12).

The Children of God should not follow the ways of the false prophets, hypocrites and the pseudo disciples like Cain (Jude.1:11) and Balaam, who were followed the evil ways and brought disgrace to their own life and to the Lord. They followed the profitable way, leaving God’s ways (2 Pet 2:15).


Examine your personal ways, weigh them and find out whether that is under the direction of the Word of God. Come back and walk with the help of the Light of the Lord. The above three ways explains very clearly about the importance of God’s ways.

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