Summary: David was ready to die - are we?

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A. Last words from Great People are always worth listening to.

1. Final chapters of I Chronicles tell us much about King David.

2. Here he presents His son Solomon to the people, and gives him a solemn charge to be faithful to the Lord.

B. This is a lesson we need to take to heart

1. One day we will not be here, and another generation will take our place.

2. We must look ahead and make sure that the Lord’s work will prosper.


A. David wanted to build the Temple, but God forbid him

1. Instead of complaining, David helped Solomon to do the job.

2. He prepared the plans and materials to get the work done.

B. This is exactly the attitude we need to show in the Church today.

1. We need humble Christians who will unselfishly serve one another in love,building up the Church in this generation, making it easier for the next generation that follows us.

2. When disappointments come your way, how do you handle them?

3. Disappointments are His appointments. God has other plans for you!


A. Following God is NOT a casual affair

1. David tells his son to carefully follow ALL the commandments of God.

2. Solomon had all the physical things he needed to build the temple.

3. But he needed to have a loyal heart, otherwise God would not bless Him.

B. What good would a beautiful temple be if the King was disobedient to God?

1. That’s what happened to Solomon later on.

2. He didn’t maintain a perfect heart before God, but worshipped false gods and loved many foreign women.

3. How important it is to have our hearts right with God - for our sake and for the sake of our family too.

4. If we are not faithful to God, what will happen to our children and grandchildren? They will be lost, as we are!


A. He set the right example here by giving to the work of the Temple

1. He challenged the people to do the same, reminding them they were giving to God, and that it was an act of worship 1-2

2. Their response was to willingly and generously to the work.

3. Nothing has changed here for us. We must give liberally, lovingly and lavishly to the work of the Lord to help build up the Lord’s Church.

B. What the Lord’s Church is Devoted People

1. Giving, prayer, study of Bible, attendance and sharing faith with others.

2. How we would grow if we had greater devotion to Cause of Christ!


A. When your heart is right, then praise will flow!

1. We will see that God is great vv.10-12

2. God deserves Glory v.13

3. God has given much to us v.14

4. Life is short and we must make it count v.15

B. What is your delight? Psa.40:8

1. The will of God should delight us

2. The word of God should excite us - Psa.119:16,24,35,47,70,77,174

V. DAVID’S DEATH 29:26-30

A. David was a great King, and led a long, fulfilled life v.28

1. But one day he died, and Solomon took his place on the throne

2. God buries his workmen, but His work continues.

B. We must be ready for the hour of death

1. When we die, we want to know that we have given us best to the work of the Lord, as David did, and later as Apostle Paul did. II Tim.4:6-8

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