Summary: What is leadership living.. We know that one of the definitions of leadership is the ability to influence people… Are all of us willing to be leaders? Or do we want to be followers? As Christians we are all leaders, we have not been asked if we want to be

Leadership Living

All of us know Bill gates… here is a story about him…

Bill Gates in Heaven

God called three individuals to announce his intentions toward the human race. At the meeting were George Bush, Vladimir Putin, and Bill Gates. God announced that he was putting an end to the human race in 30 days and that each was to tell their followers.

Vladimir Putin goes back to his followers and tells them, "I have some bad news and some terrible news. The bad news is that our communist ideology was wrong. The terrible news is God is putting an end to everything in thirty days."

George Bush goes back to his followers and says, "I have some bad news and good news." The good news is our religion is correct, there is a God. The bad news is that God is putting an end to everything in 30 days."

Bill Gates goes back to his followers and says, "I have good news and better news. The good news is that I am one of the three most important humans on the planet according to God. The better news is we won’t have to ship the next version of Windows.

We are going to talk about Leadership and we are going to talk about ourselves… so I am not sure how many of you consider this as good news, bad news or worse news.. any way, here it is..

How many of you read the recent story about the new book on Mother Teresa titled “Mother Teresa: Come and be my light”. The book’s title could be innocent, but what it contains is a number of letters written by Mother Teresa to the Church Leaders. What those letters reveal is the doubts that Mother Teresa felt about God’s presence. The news item goes on to claim that Mother Teresa did not feel the presence of God most of the times..

Have you ever wondered why such books make big news? Basically anything which questions the existence of our God gets attention. This gives the people another reason to live their lives as they are doing.. aimlessly.. Have you noticed that this happens mostly with the Christian God and not with the other religions..

Fortunately we know better, we have the Bible… Bible itself contains many people who doubted god’s presence. The Psalmist did it many times , the leaders of bible felt it many times, even JC echoed those very words on the cross… but we also know that God has promised us never to leave us nor forsake us.. however he allows us to doubt, he allows us to question, he allows us to think and come back to him by ourselves.. God has given us freewill and God wants us to choose to worship him by choice, not by force…

That brings me to the subject God wanted me to bring to us for a brief meditation..

Leadership Living

What is leadership living.. We know that one of the definitions of leadership is the ability to influence people… Are all of us willing to be leaders? Or do we want to be followers? Bible does call us as the sheep… we will come back to this theme a little later..

Being a Leader is not easy…

Bill Clinton: On Running a Country

So if you are having a problem with people you are not alone. President Clinton once said running a country is a lot like running a cemetery; you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening

This could easily be applied to the home life.. In my home.. I am the boss of the house and I have permission from my wife to say so…

Let us list some of the leaders from the bible. It is interesting to study the leaders of the bible, it brings out such variety .. it takes all types to make the world…

With the Scriptures we have examples of many fine leaders and many not so fine leaders.

Look at Noah. He was leader. He did not have many followers, only 7, but he was still a great leaders. We should realize that the greatness of a leader does not depend on the amount of followers.

Noah was a builder, a builder for God. He did what God told him and lead his family to do the same.

I think of Moses. He was great leader. Also an unwilling leader. Through Moses God gave the Hebrew people the law. Moses lead the people out of the Egypt, through the desert and to the borders of the promise land.

Joshua was another great leader of the Bible. Joshua lead the Hebrew people into the promises land. If you read about Joshua you will see that he was a faithful leader and taught that to the people. He called on the people to serve God.

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