Summary: This is the last of the ’Without" sermon series, dealing with the church remaining true to the gospel and not conforming to the world. As Christians we must ensure that the Voice of the church is clear, consistent, and conforming today.

Leadership without a Voice

Micah 3:1-6, 12


Today we finish up our sermon series on the topic of “Without.” We have taken a look at multiple areas of the church that the world has done its best to influence. Today I want us to now take a look at the stand point of leadership, and more importantly leadership without a voice.


Israel a generation prior to this prophecy by Micah was the envy of the world. There was no equal to them. They were s super power: politically, financially, military wise, and spiritually.

So what happened to bring about this prophecy? The political leaders, prophets, pastors, and spiritual leaders stopped speaking out for truth. They were no longer sold out to God, but rather personal gain and ambition. Their messages changed from what says the Lord, to what do you say.

So how does this affect us today, you may be asking yourself? If America does not change dramatically and radically we will fall from the inside out and will become overtaken from the outside. America has lost its moral compass. Churches and pastors have stopped preaching out about the way of the righteous and have given in to popularity.

If we are to be a church and more importantly a people that will lead into eternity we must know 3 things today.

I. The Voice of the Church must be clear today

Illustration: $7,500 Necklace

A Woman who traveled abroad without her husband got to Paris and found this fabulous bracelet shed been looking for. And so she sent a wire back home saying, “I have found this beautiful bracelet, one I’ve been looking for all my life. It only cost $7,500. Do you think I can buy it?” Her husband wired back a short but firm reply, “No, price too high!” And he signed his name. But in the transmission the comma was left out and the message read, “No price to high.” Oh, she was thrilled! Omitting that comma almost put that guy in a coma.

You see the clarity of the message is important, and when it comes to the gospel message and someone’s salvation the mistake will cost more then just $7,500.

a. We must declare God’s moral issues.

i. That means if the Bible speaks out against certain sins, like homosexuality, adultery, drinking alcohol, etc., we need to speak up when we see it taking place.

b. We need to start speaking out against immoral sin, instead of hiding away because we don’t want people to dislike us.

c. The church today needs men that our not afraid to stand in God’s pulpit and preach the truth.

d. Sure, we might not make a lot of friends because we are confronting people about their actions, but being passive doesn’t put people into heaven.

e. When sin is put in the spot light of the gospel it stings,… but it also cleanses.

II. The Voice of the Church must be consistent today.

a. Spiritual truth should not change

i. As the times change, we don’t need to change the word of God to match it.

ii. We don’t need another translation of the bible every time the world decides to loosen up the restraints on moral ethics.

b. Preachers today should be preaching the same messages that the prophets preached

i. If it was good enough for Isaiah, Elijah or Micah to preach, then it is just as fitting today.

c. The world has become confused, because the church/pastors have changed the truth.

i. We need to preach God’s truth, not our opinion.

ii. The Word of God is the plumb line for life. (Amos 7:8)

Illustration: Plumb line

Every carpenter will tell you when they start to build a structure; one of the first things they are going to do is hang a plumb off of the first vertical post the install after it has been trued with a balance. So as they continue on in the building project, they can always come back to that plumb line to verify that the remaining members are installed correctly and not leaning to one side or the other. If we are going to know what is right from wrong in the world today, we must have a plumb line to tell us. The Word of God is that plumb line. You are either in line and measured up to it, or you are off. It is that simple.

III. The Voice of the Church must be conforming today.

a. We need to walk the walk, and talk the talk

i. Be a doer, not just a reader or spectator

b. We need to be concerned about the spiritual arena of the world and change the world one person at a time.

c. We need to witness our faith

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