Summary: The importance of strong leaders? ...Strong leaders produce strong followers

Leadership’s most effective tool

Leadership by example

1. The importance of strong leaders

a) Strong leaders produce strong followers

Like begets like

You produce fruit after your own kind

You can never produce something in others that you have not produced in yourself …

b) The task at hand requires strong leaders.

If we are going to reach our Neighbors



We are going to need to have some strong leaders

c) God always uses people to maintain what He is doing

John 20:21-22

We represent His work and His Kingdom here on the earth

d) People want to be lead

John 10:3-5

Sheep need a shepherd

People will follow you with or without your permission

Your only choice is will you be a - Good example

- Bad example

2. How do we lead?

a) Simply by example

Numbers 27:17

1 Peter 5:1-3

Illustration: measles and mumps

You get what I’ve got not what I say I’ve got!

b) Live your message

Hebrews 13:7

1 Tim 4:16 Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.

In business and in politics people can lead in spite of their personal lives. This is not possible in the Kingdom of God

c) Your life speaks more powerfully than your words

“What you are speaks so loudly that people cannot hear what you are saying”

3) Be an example in these areas:

A) An example in servant hood

We are servants of God not of people.

If you can’t serve me – you can’t serve God

If you can’t serve each other – you can’t serve God

Often when people say I can’t what they really mean is I won’t

Acts 27:23

Rom 1:9

2 Tim 1:3

Cannot pander to the “mister nice guy” syndrome

I am a servant of the Lord

B) An example in praise and worship

This lets people know that we take praise and worship seriously

Show up on time

This is not a preaching center

Don’t play with kids during praise and worship

Distracts others

Shows the kids you are not serious about praise and worship

Rather use it as an opportunity to teach and train your kids on the importance of praise and worship

Help to set the tone and direction

Contribute positively

C) An example in punctuality

This shows people that you place importance on what is taking place

It also honors the people that are there on time

When you are late you are saying “What I was doing is much more important than what I have come to do”

We always look for the pattern not the exception

Shows lack of discipline

D) An example in flexibility

Matt 9:16–17

New wineskins for new wine

Learn to accommodate people who are different

Be prepared to move with the Spirit of God

12 tribes of Israel

6 go

6 stay

Who split the church?

E) Be an example in family life

Men are the head of the home

This doesn’t mean women must make men the head of the home

It means men need to lead strongly in every area

Badly behaved/disciplined children are a direct reflection on the husband according to Scripture

A growing marriage

F) An example in finances

Make every effort to live debt free

Tithing Mal 3:10 … emphasis on … “That there may be food in my storehouse”

So that the church can be the blessing it was meant to be

There are 5 types of giving in the New Testament






Be a good steward

With money and with things

Basically those that are tithing are underwriting the vision of the church

G) An example in prayer

Both private and corporate

Luke 5:15 – 16

The busier we are the more we should pray

H) An example in hard work

1 Tim 3:7 … reputation with outsiders

There is a danger in appointing people who their peers will not recognize

The devil sets a trap for people who do not work with integrity

1Thess 5:12

2 Thess 3: 6- 15

I) An example in witnessing

Acts 1:8

Is 55:4 See, I have made him a witness to the peoples, a Leader and commander of the peoples.

This is the true shepherd’s anointing

J) An example in speaking the word of God

People don’t want your opinion they want to know what the word of the Lord is

1Cor 2:4+5

K) An example in friendship

Make a friend – be a friend

Always room for one more

Friendships should always be inclusive rather than exclusive

Prioritize social events in the life of the church

L) An example in morality

Above reproach

Unchallengeable morality

4) Personal disciplines of a leader


Study the word of God

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