Summary: God wants us to lean into the blind turns of life and trust Him. It may not come natually to us but it ensures a safer journey. Article from ethoughts weekly installment -

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For the first time in a long time I got a chance to ride with my husband for a few hours on his motorcycle. I couldn’t help feeling very nervous at first. As I got use to the sensation of zooming around bends I thought---“I feel an ethoughts weekly coming on”.

C.S. Lewis, the author of the Lion, the Witch and the Woredrobe, once described a trip in the sidecar of a motorcycle on the way to the Whipsnade Zoo. When he left for the zoo he did not believe that Christ was the Son of God; when he arrived at the zoo, he did believe that Christ was the Son of God, yet nothing extraordinary had happened along the way. Somehow I know just what he meant.

One thing that often comes quite unnaturally is the important aspect of leaning into a turn. Normally, when standing, walking or running, a person shifts their weight to keep balance. Yet, the safest way to round corner on a motorcycle is to lean down into the turn and accelerate out of it. Initially it seems, or rather feels, like the most foolish thing to do. Think about it, you’re heading for a turn, which is more dangerous that a straightaway, and you purposefully get closer to the ground, lean downward and then speed up. It feels a lot like falling at first. But, the centrifugal force keeps one on the bike and the leaning gives the driver more control over the bike.

There is a second consideration too for a rider or driver. Watching the ground or watching the scenery sideways makes you feel dizzy. When you not protected by metal car doors or the security of a seat belt, trust me, dizzy isn’t a good thing. So basically a motorcyclist needs to keep his eyes on where he are going. If I want to enjoy the scenery and not get vertigo, I look out in the distance. I see what is ahead of me. Then the ride is exhilarating and enjoyable.

Life is a lot like that too, no? If we look too close at the road whizzing by, we can lose our bearings. Simply said, we see only the road and not where we are going. It’s easy to get caught up in how bumpy the road is, or how fast we are going when all we see is the way and not the destination.

The same goes for leaning into turns. If we try to correct our balance when we really should be leaning around the bend we get ourselves into a whole mess of trouble. We may try to impose our will to keep equilibrium. Equilibrium we think is the goal. But many times the goal is, or should be, how do we best survive the turn. In these cases balance means leaning not straightening up. It means not doing what ordinarily feels the most comfy at first, but doing the thing that will insure success. Leaning probably won’t come naturally, but it is the surrender of leaning that makes victory more sure.

In this crazy life, remember to lean and look ahead! We may not know what lies around each bend but we can yield our will for the best outcome. Thanks for leaning into this installment.

Lisa DeLay


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