Summary: Learn from the confidence of David as he decides to tackle Goliath

Two weeks ago we started our study of the famous story of David and Goliath. We noted the right and wrong things to do in preparation for battle. And for us Christians, we are in a spiritual battle till our Lord Jesus takes us to heaven. Therefore, we must not only know the right things to do to prepare for our spiritual battles, we must be confident that we can win!

so, how do we do this? – God tells us in his written Word!

Please open your Bibles to 1 Samuel 17….

Read along with me v21-37….

Going back to v16 that Goliath, the 10 foot warrior, challenged the Israelites for 40 days.

v23: David heard Goliath’s mocking of God’s chosen people.

And what did David witness when the Israelites saw Goliath??

v24: For 40 days, whenever Goliath showed up, the Israelites ran away with fear!

Now look again at v25…………. Why do you think God would put that in Scriptures??

v25: There was great material incentive for fighting and killing Goliath:

1. No one responded!! – Why?? – Because they were so scared, no one dared to confront Goliath even with all the treasures promised!

2. Was this David’s motivation?

Based on v26: How did David see Goliath?

a. brings disgrace to God’s people

b. “uncircumcised” (i.e. ungodly) defying God’s army

What do you think was going through David’s mind? Based on what we read,

David was witnessing something that should not be happening!! And David was thinking..

How can God be disgraced and defied by the ungodly?

Again I wondered, “God why do we need to hear how David’s brothers felt?” I prayed and I believe God answered my question!

Just a side note here about learning from the Bible; when you are reading God’s Word and something does not sound right or seem out of place, ask God why and I believe He will answer to give you godly wisdom! So, why does God want us to know how David’s brothers felt in v28-29?

The answer is right in front of us!! All Israel including David’s brother were being disgraced and defied and so the brothers poured their frustrations on someone they thought was weak; they didn’t even let David speak!

Does this ever happen to us? It happens doesn’t it? Because the world gets to us, we pour our anger on someone!

Now look again at v32…. I believe there are 3 things to note here:

1. God’s enemy will be defeated!

2. David saw himself a servant!

3. David was so confident!

Of course, in v33: Saul only saw the physical not the spiritual!

I believe the main lesson for us Christians today is in v32; but let’s finish David’s story with v34-37.

Why was David so confident in fighting the giant Goliath?? – at least 3 things from v34-37:

1. experiences!

2. the enemy is God’s enemy

3. God was with him

And so, what about us today? What biblical principles should we grasp?

All Israel only saw the physical!

1. Do not be blind to the spiritual! There is a spiritual world along with our physical world!

a. A Christian will always be defeated if not aware of the on-going spiritual battle.

b. Know that Jesus, who already won the battle, is on your side!

The 2nd thing we should note is David’s motive in life.

2. The world will offer us material treasures! What is our motive for living, for material things or spiritual things?

3. Like David with Goliath, Christians must be aware of what the devil and his demons are capable of! The devil’s scheme for Christians today is to stop our spiritual growth and hurt our testimony for Jesus. Let us always be aware of the enemies’ traps.

4. Be careful of allowing your frustration with the world to anger with people!

5. Like David, learn how to be confident in going to battle your spiritual enemy!

Review v32-37.

There is a lot to note from this passage but God laid it out for us. Let us be diligent in being ready for our spiritual battles! Let us commit to this; each day this week, pray and focus on one of the biblical principles noted.

Tomorrow, Monday, see the spiritual world; the battle and the victory already won by Jesus Christ!

Tuesday: Grasp the only motive for your life which is beneficial and has eternal significance.

Wednesday: Learn what the devil and his demons are capable of doing to you and the church.

Thursday: Do you have righteous anger or are you just frustrated?

Friday: Pray and learn how to be confident in the spiritual battles like David did.

Take a moment now to quietly pray about these things and make a commitment to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…..

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