Summary: God desires that we live a holy live. He is looking for committed believers to be a living testimony of what He has done and is doing in our live.

Learning from David; Heart purity

Psalm 51:1-19

Disclaimer: This sermon was done by personal study and the sermon notes of Melvin Maughmeron brokeness.


Been looking at principals from the Bible.

Last week, we looked at learning from Jesus about Discipleship qualities.

This week we are looking at David, having a pure heart.

A heart that is pleasing to God.

Psalm 51:1-19 Read

Psalm 51 is David’s “response” after the prophet Nathan came to him and confronted him about his affair with Bethsheba.

You know the story.

King David should of been in battle with his army.

Spots on the roof a beautiful girl named Bethsheba.. He lies with her while her husband is at war.

She becomes pregnant.

David gives him opportunity to come back and lie with his wife.

He refuses because of his loyalty to his men and King David.

David puts him out front in battle and he is killed.

David commits a multitude of sins including adultery and murder.

That is what sin does to you. It takes you farther than you want to go. It will take you deeper, it is a snowball that will keep rolling until it destroys you.

That’s why it is bogus for us to believe we can ever have a handle on sin.

Because by the time you realize it is overwhelming you, it is too late.

King David lives with this guilt over a year with what he done with Bethsheba.

Bethsheba is moved into the palace now as his wife.

Psalm 32 records his feelings that he felt as he covered up his snowball sin.

“When I kept things to myself, I felt weak deep inside me”

So how did this adulterous king who struggled with guilt and conviction of sin get to the place where God says that David had a heart after God?

How do you get from guilt to restoration?

Listen to me;

Sin in the closet will prevent you from restoration from God.

Sin will keep you from sharing your faith.

Sin will keep you down spiritually.

John Wesley was convinced that living truthfully is a mark of God’s grace in our lives. God is actively at work, moving in and through the messiness of things, illuminating our lives, and prompting our desire to see what is really going on.

Because we are created in God’s image, our destiny is to be restored and having a growing relationship with God.

There are certain things that happened with David:

1. He confesses his need to be cleansed.

2. His heart was open for God to change him.

3. He realized that God has to do it- he cannot do it.

David’s prayer and God’s response only comes after David is broken.

David says God I am sorry

Acknowledges his sin

Ask God to forgive.

God responds to a broken heart.

I read a great sermon from pastor Melvin Maughmer on being broken.

He goes on to say that we talk about being hurt and broken . They are two different things.

We believe that time heals all wounds.

We believe if we get comforting words, a little sympathy, everything will be alright.

We don’t understand why people cannot “just get over it”

Unless you realize that there is a difference between being hurt and being broken.

You will not be able to heal properly and you will not be able to help others through the process


to affect adversity, to injure, and to feel pain, to become damaged or harmed.


Hebrew (Shabar); it means to crush into pieces, shattered, bruised, violated, not functioning properly, disconnected, maltreated, desecrated.

Anybody ever been broken? Can you see the difference

Today people’s lives:

are shattered, hope is stolen,

they are angry about things that happened to them.

There self respect has been taken. There reputation taken. And for some their innocence has been taken.

They are broken

A hurt is a heartbreak.

Things happen where time can be allowed to heal. You miss a few meals, cry a few tears.

“Weeping may endureth for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”

But to be broken is much more than that.

A broken heart can cause you illness.

A broken heart can cause anxiety.

A broken heart can kill you.

Not just being hurt, your broken, you are not functioning properly, your spirit is abused.

You are crushed

Psalm 69:20

“Reproach hath broken my heart; and I am full of heaviness and I looked for some to take pity, but there was none, and for comforters, but found none.”

Illustration- (S/Central)

There is not anyone here I believe that has not at some point in there life dropped a cup or a vase and a piece of it chips off, you get out the super glue and glue the piece back in and after a little time you can’t tell that the cup or vase was even damaged, you can continue to use it for whatever reason you used it for in the first place, it will hold water, coffee or what ever you put into it, it was damaged, hurt. But it’s okay now.

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