Summary: Jethro, already a priest, was excited to hear about the work of God!

Remember when Moses was banished from Egypt and into the desert? Moses found a water well and his future wife Zipporah in Midian. Jethro was the Priest in Midian and became father-in-law of Moses. In the Book of Exodus, we have been following Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt. Today, our focus is actually on Jethro; Moses’ father-in-law!

Open your Bibles to Exodus 18… Moses is now back in the desert along with the Hebrews. Read along with me Exodus 18:1-12 for this morning….

We note that Jethro was a priest in Midian. What is a priest?

Jethro was a godly, religious leader!

We note in v1 that Jethro heard how God brought Moses and the Hebrews out of bondage from Egypt. It doesn’t tell us how he heard; but again remember that Jethro was a community leader and I’m sure he was always asking about his daughter, Moses’s wife.

Think about this for a moment, we have family, godly people, and geography; something had to happen! And so, what happened?

v2: Moses sent his wife and sons to visit father and grandfather Jethro.

I find it interesting that God would note for us the names of Moses’s children; I believe it’s because….

v3-4: Moses’ sons names were reminders of life and God! Yes I think God is telling us to have reminders of life and God (similar to Moses). Some of you may not like Facebook, but I do like it when they remind me of my memories. It is good to be reminded about our life experiences and God. How often do we do this?

Now, look again at v5-6…. Why do you think Jethro decided to go see Moses??

v5-6: After hearing from Zipporah, Jethro was likely so excited about what God was doing, he wanted to experience it personally!

v7: Moses showed respect to his father-in-law and the family had an intimate meeting!!

v8-9: Jethro was delighted in hearing directly from Moses what God did!

And so, after hearing about God directly from Moses……

Jethro responded to what he heard in several ways:

v10 - publicly gave praise to God!

v11 – acknowledged how great God is

v12 – worshiped God by giving offerings and communion with other Believers!

We can summarize Jethro in this passage with the following:

Jethro had godly desires, heard godly news, had godly meetings = Worship with Offerings and Communion with God and other Believers!

And so as we continue our worship of God, especially with Communion and Offerings, let us ask the following questions:

1. Is my heart truly hungry for God?

2. What is the Good News?? – 1 Corinthians 15:3-4…… Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures!

3. We are in an intimate meeting right now as we have gathered to worship God; the question is, “How much do we love one another?” John 13:34 is a command for us! Jesus said “This is how they will know you are my disciples when you love one another!”

Let us take a moment to quietly pray right where you are about these things…….

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