Summary: If we are going to reach our full potential as believers and as a church we have to deal these basic concerns first.

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“Learning How To Walk A New Way”

Ephesians 4:1-10 May 31, 2009

OPEN: Last week we started on this study in Eph. 4 and we are learning how to walk a new way. It doesn’t matter what your age is – there should always be something new entering into your walk with the Lord. If you are not experiencing ongoing change in your walk with the Lord – I would suggest there is something wrong. “I learned how to do it right way back when and I’ve been doing it right all along since then.” What a prideful thing to say. “I don’t need to change anything about my walk with the Lord, I’ve already got it all figured out.” “I don’t need Bible study, Sunday school, worship service – my walk is A-OK.” What a total lack of humility. Exactly the opposite of what God calls us to.

There are five characteristics that start us off on our journey – five baby steps if you will that have to be in place if we are going to walk properly. If we are going to reach our full potential as believers and as a church we have to deal these basic concerns first. And last week I noted that these steps are progressive in nature. You have to focus on step one before you attempt to move on to step two. This isn’t hop-scotch. You don’t get to jump over one to get to another. “The humility thing is kind of hard for me – so I’ll skip that and come back to it some other time.” It doesn’t work that way. Here’s why – God doesn’t work that way. He’s recorded these issues the way that he wants us to deal with them. You might want to jump over one so you can move on to the next – but that doesn’t mean he’s going to agree with your approach. None of us get to pick and choose which parts of God’s Word we want to follow and which parts we want to ignore. Now I called these baby steps – and I guess I probably need to find another way of expressing that – they are first steps – but that doesn’t mean that any of these issues are simple steps.

* Walk Worthy of Your Calling. Last week we said that the word “worthy” is means to balance out the scales. We have in the first three chapters the rights and the honors and the privileges and now in the last three chapters he says, “Here are the requirements. If you want to be a meaningful part of God's church, if you want to be somebody that matters in His church, if you want to advance the Kingdom- if you really believe in this then here are the standards by which you are to walk. – Here’s how the scales balance out according to God’s point of view.”

So last week we started on just the first one. Humility is dealing with yourself honestly before God. It

is honest self-awareness. And this is where it all starts. Humility begins with an honest person begins seeing himself honestly before God.

By the way, how do you think Paul learned that the first step in the life of the believer is always

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