Summary: What's the difference between the work of the Holy Spirit in the believers in Acts and in our time today? The answer is, no! So, we will learn from them in this passage.

Acts 2: 41 – 47

Learning secrets from the early believers

1. The Secret of SPIRITUAL GROWTH. v. 42

A. They hold steadfastly to Biblical doctrine. v. 42

B. They encourage fellowship between believers. v. 42

C. They observe communion. v. 42

D. They Pray Together. v. 42

2. The Secret of CHURCH STABILITY. v. 44

v. 44 “…were together…” means they were united; were joined in the same thing.

A. Unity

B. Commonness

The Difference bet. Christian Socialism & Communism:

1. Christian Socialism said, “what is mine is thine”; Communism advocates, what is thine is mine.

2. Christian Socialism said, take what I have; Communism says Give what thou hast.

3. Christian Socialism was prompted by love for the poor; Communism is actuated by hatred for the rich.

4. Christian Socialism drew men together in love and sympathy; Communism tends to separate men by anger and hostility.

3. The Secret of HAPPINESS. v. 46

A. They worship God continually. v. 46

B. They practiced godly activity. v. 46

C. They demonstrate actual gladness. v. 46

4. The Secret of CHURCH PROSPERITY. v. 47

A. A Church that’s continually praising God.

B. A Church that’s finds favor with the community.

C. A Church that’s evangelizing.

D. A Church that’s discipling.

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